What?! 4 Things He’s Definitely Been Doing In Bed Without You Realising

Guys fake orgasms on the regular too. Like, a lot.


Lads are generally thought of as being fairly uncomplicated in bed. After all, they’re just working towards one thing, right?

Well, not right, as it turns out. Men can be just as complicated as women when it comes to being satisfied beneath the sheets, if not even more so.

Next time you’re getting down to it, you can be sure at least one of the below is playing on his mind…

1. He’s trying not to lose focus
While it’s relatively easy for us ladies to get back on track if we get distracted during sex, with men it can mean waving goodbye to that hard-on. “If I get a thought in my head during the act, the sex becomes more of a muscle memory act rather than me being an active participant,” one male Reddit user writes.



2. He’s wondering about faking it
Yup, men fake orgasms.. More than you might think. On average, men tend to fake orgasms once in every four sexual interactions, according to a study by Université du Québec á Montréal. The reasons? Tiredness, too much to drink, not wanting to make their partner feel bad or purely because they were having “undesired sex.”



3. He’s hoping he lasts long enough
Sometimes, the stars simply don’t align, regardless of how sexy he thinks you are and how turned on he is. “It has nothing to do with attraction. Sometimes [I’ll] last 10 seconds and sometimes an hour and everywhere else in between. Occasionally your d**k just isn’t into it,” another Reddit user says.



4. He’s worrying about how it is for you
Forget all that male bravado, the biggest turn-on for most men is knowing that you’re enjoying yourself too. “A guy’s sense of his masculinity, especially in the sexual realm, is not about what he experiences himself; he gets his sense of masculinity through the eyes of his partner,” says Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard Medical School.