Start Your Tinder Chats With This Line For The Greatest Chance Of Success

According to couples who turned their online chats into something deeper IRL.


How many times have you matched with someone on Tinder or POF and started chatting with them, only for the momentum to disappear after a few back-and-forth messages?

The whole point of online dating is to find a new way to get to know potential partners, but sometimes it can feel more like wasted time than anything else.

Next time you match with someone who you think there might really be a spark with, choose your opening line carefully. A new survey by the folks at PlentyOfFish asked 1,000 couples who had met online what their first ever conversation was about.

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In the majority of cases, one person led with a question relating to something specific in the other person’s profile, be it a location shown in their photos or an interest mentioned in their bio. And FYI, that “something specific” doesn’t include a creepy “you have a gorgeous smile” message: only 9% of couples started their relationship off with a message based on looks.

Catherine Robins, who met her husband Bevis via POF’s Meet Me service, used a Foo Fighters gig to break the ice, after noticing that Bevis had a photo on his profile from the same concert she had attended. “The picture of Bevis at the Foo Fighters gig certainly broke the ice,” she admits.

That said though, the second most common starter message recalled by respondents in the survey was a simple “Hey, what’s up?,” so don’t disregard every match who messages you with something toe-curlingly boring and generic.