Your Commute Just Got WAY Better Thanks To Netflix’s ‘Download For Later’ Option

Yup, you can continue that Stranger Things binge ON THE BUS. Or train. Or plane. *shrieks*


If you’re already dreading the thought of the three-hour bus trip ahead of you to get home this Friday evening, or the inevitably delayed DART you’ll be pushing your way onto come 6pm tonight, we have some good news.

Netflix today launched a new global update for smartphone and tablet users, allowing you to download episodes of shows to watch back later.

Right now the feature only applies to certain shows, including most of the Netflix-produced shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things and The Crown, but it’ll be rolled out for more shows as time goes on.

The app is automatically set to only download when in a WiFi zone á la Spotify, but you can change the settings to download with 4G if you’re happy to use the data. Not to worry though, as it only allows for episode-by-episode downloads, so you won’t accidentally blow your month’s data on the entire box set of Narcos. Well, unless you want to.

We’ve been trying out the new service, and it’s very simple indeed. Simply choose a show…



Then download it to the new My Downloads section…



And you’re good to go.

This has transformed our commute forever.


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