TikTok’s Latest Makeup Hack Promises To Give You The Light Lifted Look Bella Hadid Loves…Using Just Concealer

The lifted look with minimal effort, we're sold!


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2022 has seen plenty of makeup trends already, from pencil thin eyebrows, shimmered eyeshadows, and the fox eye. But a new look is taking over and you won’t find us complaining.

The light lifted style is everywhere now. It emphasises a sculpted face and can be done with minimal makeup.

Typically, the words minimal makeup, and sculpted face wouldn’t even belong on the same page, never mind in the same sentence. After all, it would take the world’s supply of contour sticks to even come close to a chiseled face, right?

Well…TikTok is offering a hack that actually allows you to get a lifted face, which the likes of Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are fans of, but using concealer instead of contour products.

The hack has gone viral and couldn’t be simpler. As TikToker @suzi_sina (who is also the genius behind the viral eye lift hack) demonstrated in her video.

@suzi_sina Instant face lift with just one product😱 #shapeshift #faceliftmakeup #contouringhacks #concealerhacks #beautytricks #makeuphacks ♬ Use this audio if you are gay – Mm

While she starts out with a full face of makeup, it works on more natural bases as well, so best of both worlds whatever your style may be.

Then you simply take concealer that is a few shades lighter than you’re normal shade. Use it to draw angled lines from the corner of your mouth, nose, and eyes. Blend using a fluffy brush and set with translucent powder.

And voilà! A sculpted face with minimal effort, that Bella Hadid herself would be proud of.