10 Actual Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Have zero at-home plans this weekend? Look no further.


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For the past year, for the most part, every day is basically Groundhog Day. Looking a whole lot like the Corgi above, laying about and not doing a whole lot (you know, when we’re not running around the house actually doing things). But especially now, in our third lockdown, everything feels a lot more monotonous. At first, we had the long evenings and a bit of sunshine. Then we had Christmas to look forward to, along with the cosy evenings and great Christmas TV. But January is bad enough, without a lockdown through into the mix.

So to shake things up a bit, here are 10 actual fun things to do this weekend, or the next, and the next. Whether you fancy getting the whole house involved, taking some me-time with just you or firing up Zoom again. To Zoom or not to Zoom, it’s up to you.

90s Themed Nights

Honestly, this could be any kind of theme you’d like, but I’m going with the nineties because I’m feeling that vibe right now. Go all out with your makeup, hair and clothes. Spend some time getting ready if you can as if you’re heading out on a real-life 90s night out. Break out the blue eyeshadow, stick on a 90s Spotify playlist or even open up YouTube on the TV and go through the music videos from the time and rate the cringe levels.

Cocktails at Home

If you’re feeling adventurous, by all means, be our guest and follow a cocktail recipe from scratch. But, if you’re not feeling as brave and fancy making things easier for yourself, there’s plenty to choose from. The Blend Box cocktails from Armada Pantry are insane, and they deliver to home all over Ireland. Choose from Pornstar Martinis (just stunning), Cosmopolitans (again, stunning) and Espresso Martinis (next on my must-try list).


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Paint and Prosecco 

Paint and Prosecco events were pretty big pre-coronavirus times, and it’s so nice to see that they’re still a thing. Choose from their paint boxes at home, crack open the Prosecco and follow along with one of their tutorials. If you’re into painting, it’s nice and relaxing. And if you’re not? It’s an absolute laugh.

They also host online events, the next available one is February 21st, and is a Virtual Paint & Pilates with Brunch Box – ideal. Check them out here.

Pizza Making

Really the only thing better than making your own pizza is eating it. Again, you can go all out here and go about making your own dough. But, there’s plenty of ways you can make things easier for yourself. Platform Pizza provides pizza making kits nationwide that give you everything you need for five pizzas and they’re divine. Choose from a mighty meaty option, veggie and vegan. Also, check out Uno pizza for fab DIY kits too. Both available on stuffuneed.ie.

Games Night

There’s no fun like organised fun, right? Right… Well, it’s time to pull out all of those board games from beneath the stairs. Whether all you have is Monopoly and a heap of dusty jigsaws. Get everyone in your household together, the dogs included. Or if you’re by yourself, it’s time to open up Zoom again and virtually drag your friends to your games night.

Brunch Box

Ah, brunch. Remember brunch? Good times. Well, let’s enjoy brunch at home (again). Rather than pulling together your usual weekend breakfast and sticking a brunch sticker on it, it’s time to go all out. Either look up your fave recipes and pick up all the ingredients, or treat yourself to a stunning brunch box. Dillingers, Bread and Berries, The Cake Cafe and Eaton are great picks.

Virtual Concerts

How amazing would it be to have a concert to look forward to? But for now, just like with everything else, we’re going to have to make do with virtual concerts. They are SO many on YouTube. I 100% recommend cracking open a bottle of Pinot and starting will a full Westlife concert.

At Home Pottery

Fancy yourself a Ghost moment? Paint and Prosecco also have an at-home Paint and Pottery kit, which includes everything you need to get your pottery on, and to paint it exactly the way you want. Plus, they throw in some Haribo sweets for good measure. Learn more here.


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Pancake Practicing

I have great news for you, it’s almost Pancake Tuesday. So it’s about time we got practising (I know I certainly need it). Even if you’re terrible at pancake making, there’s something so FUN about it. And then there are the toppings: if we can’t go all out now, then when can we? Marshmallows, Reese’s Cups, crispy bacon. Ugh, divine.

Bujo Burgers

Another one that I’ve tried recently and honestly can’t stop thinking about are the Bujo DIY kits. They make everything super easy for you, and as someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking, I can say that they’re pretty fun to make to. Granted, that could all be down to the excitement of eating them, but here we are. You can take your pick from vegan kits, a weekend limited edition kit and the classic burgers. Check them out here.


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