10 Black Content Creators To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Because all feeds need diversity

The last week has been a difficult time for so many of us. While those of us in the white community can never and will never truly understand the pain that our friends in the black community have and still face, those of us with an engrained white privilege have likely spent this time self-reflecting and making a plan of action on how we can support those around us.

By now, we all know that a social media platform like Instagram has the ability to change people’s lives, it’s pushed boundaries in terms of entrepreneurship, and it’s elevated voices that would otherwise go unheard. The term ‘Influencer’ didn’t exist mere years ago and now it’s regarded as a not only a desirable but a viable career option, that is the power of social media.

However, so many of the top content creators we see across our feeds are white, something that fashion blogger Nicole Ocran has recently spoken out about. Explaining that the Instagram algorithm itself is inherently racist, Nicole has highlighted the importance of diversifying our feeds as a small way to combat inequality and the way that we can continue to challenge the ‘ideal’ that we have been previously presented with.

Speaking on her Instagram stories, Nicole says:

“The algorithm is inherently biased and racist, you will continue to like the content that you think is aesthetically pleasing and if that content is mostly white, mostly cis-gendered, and able-bodied that’s what it will keep serving you.”

“Now that we’ve seen swarms of people following black creatives that we’ve never seen before, I hope that those people stay and keep engaging in that content and listening to black stories, and I promise they won’t always be stories of pain.” she continued.

So, with that sentiment in mind, celebrating black content creators for the work they produce is one way to elevate black voices. From academics, artists, activists, and style icons, here are 10 accounts to hit that follow button on.

Nicole Ocran 

Kicking things off with the lovely lady mentioned above. Nicole is an American fashion blogger living in London. Her grid is a wash of bright colours and happy prints (I dare you to look at it and not smile), with her goal being to make fashion as joyful and inclusive as possible, and that she does!


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Emma Dabiri 

A fellow Irish gal. Emma Dabiri is an author, academic, and TV presenter. Along with a number of academic journals, Emma’s book ‘Don’t Touch My Hair‘ is a necessary intellectual look into the business of black hair and why it matters. Described as what can be the blueprint for decolonisation, Emma uses her Instagram platform to share her life, alongside her critique on multifaceted modern culture.


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Karen Blanchard 

Karen is a fashion YouTuber and content creator. Originally from London, Karen now lives in New York with her husband and documents her glam life on her channel. Most known for her ‘What Everyone Is Wearing In New York’ series, Karen’s content is a force to be reckoned with and just one watch of her videos will satisfy your wanderlust.


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Tomike Jinad 

Up and coming neo-soul, R&B singer, Tomike is making waves on the Irish music scene for her catchy tunes and unique voice. Her debut single ‘On The Low‘ dropped last year and since then Tomike has been treating her fans to hits like ‘Told You Before‘ and ‘You Don’t Really Rate Me‘. So, if you think your earbuds could do with a little treat, you need look no further.


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Delanique is the founder of Skintellect, a community which seeks to inspire a holistic approach to skincare and wellness. Demonstrating that on her own Instagram account, Delanique shares her own skincare and wellness routine with her followers, along with her travels and glam lifestyle, oh, her wardrobe is the stuff of dreams too!


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Fionnghuala O’Reilly

A NASA datanaut and former Miss Universe Ireland (yeah, really), if there was ever an Irishwoman that should be celebrated, this is her. Fionnghuala shares her life on her Instagram page, from her career to her hobbies, be warned, hitting follow will make you feel slightly inadequate, but her gorge selfies are worth it anyway.


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Erica Cody 

Chances are you already follow Erica, but it’d be an absolute sin to leave her off the list. Erica is a Dublin-based singer and songwriter whose career is going from strength to strength, with her debut EP ‘Leoness’ being linked to the likes of Brandy. When Erica speaks, you sit up and listen.


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Bobby Zithelo

Another Dublin based content creator, Bobby is a filmmaker and photographer who is paving the way for young Irish creatives and activists. Responsible for the harrowing documentary ‘This Land‘, where the idea of race, immigration, and Irishness is explored. It’s clear to see that Bobby’s career is just getting started.


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Danielle Coke 

Danielle is a US-based artist and illustrator. It’s likely that you’ve seen some of Danielle’s creations reshared on your timeline already, known for her sweet prints with important messages, Danielle’s artwork would make the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion.


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Paula Sutton Aka Hill House Vintage 

Paula, otherwise known as Hill House Vintage, otherwise known as ‘Aunt Paula’, is a Uk interior writer, interior stylist, and luckily for us, content creator. Showing off her ‘English Country Home’ aesthetic on her Instagram feed, Paula seamlessly mixes vintage with modern and just one scroll through her profile will rouse you from any jaded aesthetic.


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