10 Of Stellar.ie’s Biggest Moments In 2015!

It's been an exciting year since our launch last March. Here's what got you, our online reader talking over the past 12 months.

1. The STELLAR Shine Awards

Shine Awards 2015 winners

An amazing 23,000 of you clicked onto the site to vote in our 2nd annual STELLAR Shine Awards, celebrating the very best of Irish female talent. The night itself was one not to be forgotten, and we rounded up all the best bits and a full list of winners here.

2. Snapchat


If 2014 was the year of Instagram, then 2015 was definitely the year of Snapchat, and that certainly reflected on the site. Two of our biggest stories this year were all about the Snap Happy app, with STELLAR readers clicking on in their droves to find out the best, most LOLworthy accounts to follow in Ireland, and also reading up on the unwritten snapping rules they’re probably breaking.

3.  Penneys

Penneys Summer

Another hot topic on the site this year? Penneys! You lot couldn’t get enough of the latest fashion drops and the cult beauty buys popping up in your favourite high-street desto – and neither could we! The thing you really wanted to read though? 9 things that always happen when shopping in Penneys. It’s totes relatable, no?

4. Make-Up


From the Irish make-up artists you simply have to follow, to the major make-up mistakes all Irish girls make, one of our favourite topics (Uh, make-up) had you clicking onto the site in big numbers. Wanna know the right way to apply falsies or why your foundation isn’t looking as good as it could be? It’s all here in our beauty section, bbz.

5. Emojis

poo emoji montage

Just like us, you lot are emoji mad and that reflected on the site. 8 Emojis you might not know the real meaning of? We’ve got ’em right here, and it was one of your favourite posts this year.

6. Chatting to all the best bloggers

Lisa Jordan Just Jordan

The Irish blogging scene exploded in 2015 and we got to sit down with a few of your fave-o blogging queens and chat all things fashion, beauty, and, well, blogging. Among some of your favourite posts were our interviews with Lisa Jordan, Rosie Connolly and Suzanne Jackson.

7. Talking all things taboo

mooncup menstrual cup

It’s fair to say we went there in 2015. From period sex and queefing, to anal and menstrual cups, we were no holds barred when it came to chatting about the topics that others are often too shy to discuss. Got an embarrassing sex question, or wanna know about proper vagina care? No worries, we’ll address it right here on the site.

8. Dating

Couple Kissing

All’s fair in love and war as they say, and dating was certainly a talking point in 2015. You loved our posts on Tinder, our firsthand account of ghosting and our listicles about marriage, sex and relationships. Fancy plenty more where that came from? You’ll get it here in our dating section.

9. Instagram


We’re total Instagram addicts and this year our IG following grew to just over 40,000 (Thanks you guys!) But it’s not all about us. You lot loved finding out the best IG accounts to follow, and from the hottest fashion accounts to the best fitspo around, we had you covered.

10. Fitness

Girl working out

Rosemary’s Six Weeks To Strong Diary was a big hit with thousands of you checking in weekly to keep up to date with her progress.

We also worked closely with nutritionists, personal trainers and fitness bloggers to give you the know-how to lead a healthier life. Whether it’s how to meal prep like a pro, the diet and exercise mistakes that are doing you more harm than good or easy ways to cut your sugar intake, we (hopefully!) made being healthy just that little bit easier in 2015.

What’s next?

So, with all this in mind, we have one question for you dear reader: what would you like to see on Stellar.ie next year? Drop us a comment below, tweet us @stellarmagaine or write us a message on Facebook. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

A massive thanks for dropping in with us in 2015. We can’t wait to see you in the new year!

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