10 Reactions You Always Have When You Get Sent A Dick Pic On Snapchat

Got Snapchat? Chances are you might have had seen some, er, 'stuff' you didn't quite sign up for. And if so, we bet you've had these ten reactions.

Listen – if you’ve got Snapchat and you haven’t adjusted your settings (not that this has happened to anyone on Team STELLAR, ahem), chances are, you might just have been subjected to an unsolicited dick pick or five.

We’re not getting into the hows and wherefores of why guys think it’s okay to transfer women they’ve never met wobbly shots of their junk (that’s for another post), but what we do want to get into is all the reactions we have when a DP drops onto our iPhone screen.

disbelief .gif

1. Whhhuuhhhhwwwuuuuuwwwhhhuuu

What is it!? How? Who? Where am I? *looking around frantically* Am I on candid camera!?

Katy perry oh my god

2. Oh. My. God

But why!? Why would you send this to me!?

laughing .gif

3. WAH! I dunno how I feel…

Maybe I’ll laugh… or maybe I’ll burst out crying. WHERE’S MY MAM? Oh no, wait. Bad idea.


4. Lemme look at it again…

Okay no, still all penisey. And belonging to some man I’ve never met.


5. Oh jesus, he’s sending more!

Great! Yay! Can’t wait!


6. This one’s a video

MAKE. IT. STOP. Nope. Here comes another…

Rihanna surprised.

7. Oh hay, gurlfriend

This one’s… not so bad.


8. I’m so gonna show this to my mate the next time I see her!

And oh boy are we gonna LOL.


9. No, dude, no way.

I am not going to meet you for a drink.


10. Definitely not.

Never, ever gonna happen.