10 Real Life Realisations You’ve Had If You’re Working From Home For The First Time

WFH Bingo, anyone?

Any of us who are lucky enough to be able work from home, are now restraint to our homes with our laptops secured on our laps until further notice. While we’re grateful for those who are still going to their jobs in the frontline, it’s a bit of a shock to the system to those of us who are used to the routine of scrambling to turn off our alarms before getting ready for the morning commute. So, time for a bit of working from home bingo, anyone?

There’s nothing better than rubbing your makeup-free eyes. No makeup? No problem. The ease of rubbing your eyes (not your face, mind) without the panicked afterthought that you’ve just wiped mascara all over your face is bliss, really.

Has your other half always breathed this loudly? Surely not?

Your skirting boards really do need a good clean. So do your curtains, the dining room chairs and the photo frames. Everything from the windows to the walls, that doesn’t get a daily spritz and a wipe down. The longer you look around these four walls, the more flaws you can find really.

Those extra hours in the morning are heavenly. Rather than your alarm waking you out of your slumber at silly o’clock, and spending your first hour of the day putting on your face and getting that morning coffee into you before your commute begins, you can now do as you please. Whether that’s an extra hour in bed, or taking your time to catch up on Instagram, or just enjoying the fact that you’re not rushing around trying to get both you and the kids ready for the day. The extra time is just fabulous.

Your point has been proven that many, many, meetings can indeed be a phone call. Discussing KPIs while in your Looney Tunes pyjamas at 11 am? No better woman.

You’re suddenly mad to get out and about. Not that you’re missing the daily commute, but now any outside activity is warmly welcomed. We can’t exactly just pop out to get a large, skinny cappuccino, but anything to escape cabin fever is a plus, eh? *downloads Couch to 5k immediately*

You’re finding it harder to remember a time when you were last full. Was it after Christmas dinner? Does the feeling of a full stomach simply not exist when your kitchen is a mere five steps away? Who even knows if there’s an answer?

Feelings of procrastination get a whole lot stronger. You find yourself sitting down, trying to concentrate on work but all you can think of is how this would be a great time to clean out the kitchen presses or go through all your mismatched socks. Of course, if you’re not working from home, this is an ideal way to feel productive when you’re stuck indoors, but best leave it until you’re not on the clock, eh?

You find yourself shouting aggressively at The Chase. The absolute cheek when one of the contestants opts for the minus offer when they’ve brought nothing else to the table? Scandalous, really.

Your kids have a sixth sense. You kind of had an idea already, but now? Now you’re dead certain that you’re kids have a sixth sense to disrupt you at the worst of times. Skype call? They suddenly want a jockey back. Deadline approaching? Tantrum mode: on.


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