10 Things Irish People Do To Ward Off Superstitions That Are Actually Really Weird

Happy (maybe not the right word) Friday 13, folks!

Irish people are a superstitious bunch. We’ve got all sorts of little tricks and charms to ward off bad luck, and they make complete sense to us.

But to the outside observer, well, we probably look a bit mad.

Saluting or waving frantically at a lone magpie

We can’t be the only ones who regularly do this. One for sorrow! You can’t ignore it, even if it makes all the other people on this street think you’re waving at them. Two for joy and you’re grand, though.

Picking up a penny and spitting on it

Seeing a penny and picking it up may give you luck, alright, but spitting on it gives you MORE. Who cares if it looks disgusting?

Feeling uneasy if someone opens an umbrella indoors

We just can’t shake this one. It just seems like an extremely reckless thing to do.

Getting immediately suspicious if your right ear starts to burn

A burning left ear means someone’s saying something nice about you, a burning right ear means they’re saying something nasty. Trust no bitch, basically.

Giving someone a little punch or slap on the arm if you have an itchy nose

Or else we’ll have a fight! Slap me back, quick!

But being delighted if your palm is itchy

You’ll be a rich woman soon. IT HAS BEEN FORETOLD.

Screaming at anyone who dares put a pair of new shoes on a table

Jesus CHRIST, do you even know what you’ve DONE, anything could happen now and it’s all because of your €11 Penneys flats that you so CASUALLY put on the table, you CRETIN.

Feverishly blessing yourself any time you pass an ambulance, a church, or a statue of Mary

Even if you haven’t been to Mass in ten years. It doesn’t feel right just leaving it.

Whacking the nearest piece of wood (or when that’s not available, your head) every time you have a bad thought

Not even slightly scientifically proven, but you do feel like the bad thing can’t happen now you’ve felt up your dresser a little bit.

Being kind of happy if a bird poos on you

Oh brilliant, must buy a scratchcard.