10 Tasty Treats That Are 100 Calories Or Less

Here are 10 tasty treats you will absolutely love and all for under 100 calories. You can thank us later.

We get it; trying to stick to your daily calorie allowance can be mega hard. That’s why we’ve found 10 deadly treats (there’s a mix of sweet and savoury, FYI) that rack up less than 100 calories, meaning you can have a sly treat without busting your calorie count.

1. Snack a jacks

snack a jacks

These tasty crisps are super tasty and only 98 calories a packet. We’ll take two please.

2. Aero bubble ball

aero bubble ball

This tastes like it should be very bad for you, but at an oh-so-good 99 calories per pot, you can totes indulge.

3. Prawn cocktail skips


They may not be the most nutritious snack but at only 89 calories per pack, they won’t give you a case of the guilts.

4. Cheese toastie

cheese toastie

Yep, you’ve read it right. A slice of toast, topped with cheddar is only 100 calories. Stick to one slice though, y’hear?

5. Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob

This snack coined the phrase ‘nutritious and delicious.’ It’s also packed full of essential nutrients and minerals and is only 100 calories. Deadly.

6. Hard boiled egg

hard boiled egg

We know it may not sound like the most exciting snack but it’s packed full of protein and only 78 calories.

7. Blueberry smoothie

blueberry smoothie

Blend together two thirds of a cup of blueberries and one third of a cup of low-fat yoghurt and you’ll get a smoothie packed full of antioxidants and calcium that has only 93 calories. Yay!

8. Apple slices with peanut butter

Apple slices and peanut butter

If you love peanut butter half as much as we do, you’ll <3 this snack.  Dip eight apple slices into two tablespoons of peanut butter, for a satisfying treat that’s only 90 calories.

9. Smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese

smoked salmon and cream cheese

Get a slice of smoked salmon, spread it with cream cheese and roll it up and you’ve got a posh nosh snack that only amounts 55 calories.

10. Mini Quesadilla

mini cheese quasadillas

This one checks out at exactly 100 calories. Grab a corn tortilla, sprinkle on some grated red cheese, fold it, cut it into four triangles and pop it into the microwave for one minute, and you’ve got a delicious, low-cal treat. Yum.