11 Hen Party Ideas For The Unconventional Bride

From murder mysteries to drag shows.

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There’s not many events more exciting in your life than your hen party.

You thought we were going to say wedding? Please! It’s akin to how getting ready with the girls is always better than the big night out.

There’s just something about gathering all of your besties together to celebrate something special – but it’s not a one for all, either.

Most people expect a hen to be a raging night out on the town, willy straws and feather boas on hand, with a generous tab at the bar and sore heads to match the next morning.

Image via Pexels

But what if your bride-to-be couldn’t be bothered with another club night she’s done a million times?

Maybe she’s not a drinker, would be mortified to wear a fake veil down the local, or simply wants to do something special and unique.

If you’re looking for some fun, unconventional hen party ideas, then you’ve come to the right place!

Yoga retreat


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If you want to do something totally wholesome, a yoga retreat can be a gorgeous way to take it easy and bond as a group.

It’s perfect for the earthy bride who loves self care and mindful movement – and great for de-stressing pre wedding.

You’ll all coming away feeling super relaxed and grounded!

Arts and crafts

Is there anything cuter than getting together as a group to create a little keepsake?

You could try pottery or making jewellery – then you’ll all have something special to remember your gorgeous bridal bestie.

Plus, it’s always a bit messy and a bit of a laugh; imperfections allowed!

Murder mystery


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Is your bride a little dark and mysterious?

Does she like getting dressed up, or have a penchant for crime novels?

You might be surprised to learn that in Ireland you can do murder mystery nights catered specifically for hen nights – and they’re absolutely gas craic altogether.

Whodunnit? You’ll soon find out…

Slumber party


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If your bride likes to keep it casual and doesn’t like a big fuss, why not opt for a super nostalgic and girly sleepover?

Set up someone’s living room with fairy lights, sleeping bags, face masks and all of your favourite movies from back in the day.

The key to making this feel special is in the details; you might get matching PJ’s, bake cookies, or do goodie bags with popcorn and snacks.

Decorate the space with pictures of the blushing bride. Adorable!

Music festival

If the timing of the hen weekend lines up, why not make a festival the location of choice?

It’s a great way to guarantee a good time, with bonus points if someone the bride loves is set to hit the stage.

Get your glad rags on, some proper camping gear, and prepare to let loose!

The gig loving bride will never forget it.

Dance class

Does the bride-to-be love busting a move?

Why not get the group together for a dance class!

There’ll be floods of giggles, feel good tunes, and you’ll get all the endorphins flowing.

Zodiac theme

This one is ideal for the ladies who love horoscopes, astrology, and the mystical world!

Have everyone dress as their star sign and decorate a room with tarot cards, fairy lights, crystals and sheer scarves.

You could have zodiac themed cocktails, and pick a mystical movie to watch like Ghost or Spirited Away.

Finally, invite a psychic or fortune teller to read the bride’s aura – just make sure they keep it light!


Whisk your bride away to nature with a girls glamping trip!

There’s plenty of gorgeous options across the country, with cosy pods and teepees, toasty fires and beautiful scenery.

You’ll feel like kids again as you sit around sharing stories and hiking your surroundings. Bliss!

Drag and draw


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If your bride loves queer spaces, a good drag show, and a vibrant high energy activity with the gals, she’ll love a bit of drag and draw.

Enjoy an exciting drag show and express your artistic talent while you’re at it!

The cocktails will be flowing, and it’ll be an absolute ball.

Adventure day out

Take your bride out for a day full of fun by heading for an outdoor adventure!

There’s rock climbing, zip lining, kayaking, zorbing and obstacles courses all around the country; just be ready to get mucky.

The outdoorsy bride will adore it.

Games night 

Another one for the low-key bride – plan a personalised game night!

Create quizzes, challenges and activities based around your cohort; like pin the tail on the donkey (the soon to be hubby), or guess which embarrassing moment belongs to which bridesmaid!

Kahoot and Canva will be your best friend, and you can also use classic games like Guess Who or beer pong, but give them a personal or special twist.

It’s cute, wholesome, and seriously thoughtful.