11 Signs Your Work Wife Is Really Your Best Friend

She's more than just a co-worker - she's your best pal, careers coach, and expert cuppa maker.

1. You jump between personal and professional

Like conversational wizards, you two have no problem discussing the subtle office politics of the latest group email before seamlessly segueing into a convo concerning all the gory details about the lad you scored on Friday night. It’s a skill.

2. Coffee is your religion

In fact, your express need for caffeine was one of the first things you bonded over, and trips out for a fresh brew are what has kept your friendship going strong ever since.

3. She knows when you’re having an off day

Your work wife can sense your stress and she’s always on hand with chocolate and endless cups of tea. She’s also been known to mop up your tears in the office bathroom, and always has your back when the boss is acting the maggot again.

4. You’re pros at non-verbal communication

Raised eyebrows, knowing glances, stifled laughs; you have a language all of your own and can communicate exactly what you’re thinking without ever having to utter a word. Best of all, nobody at work knows…

5. She proof reads all your emails

You never hit send on a risky email before getting her to cast an eye over it first, and you know full well she’ll take the time to read it carefully, before sending it back with a list of corrections so you don’t get in trouble. Thanks, pal.

6. Her Facebook chat window is always open

Your chat window reads like a timeline of your friendship and includes everything from potential online shopping purchases and hangover fear to work stress and relationship angst. Like total pros, you both have your volume set to mute too.

7. You have the same work enemies

‘Seriously, what’s your one’s problem?” is a regular feature in your conversations and figuring out how to deal with the office know-it-all is common topic of discussion. An enemy of your work wife’s is an enemy of yours too. It’s non-negotiable.

8. You’re each other’s +1

Whether it’s a work event or a networking thing, you’ll be stuck together like glue. Why mingle with other people when you can linger next to the food and gossip?

9. You’ve discussed things you really shouldn’t be discussing in work

If HR ever overheard your conversations you’d be in big trouble! She knows about your sex life in explicit detail, has offered up her best advice on that tricky fight you had with your sister, and knows all about that messy night you had in Coppers recently. Most importantly though, she won’t tell.

10. You’ve moved things beyond the office

In fact, Friday night G&T dates and Netflix nights together are now regular fixtures, and you’ve made it a rule that work chat is strictly out of bounds.

11. You always try to talk them out of leaving

That sick day they took was hellish, so the thought of losing them as your work pal indefinitely sends you into a panic. Ultimately though, you’d be super happy to see your work wife moving on up that career ladder, and you know without doubt, that you’d still be bessie mates, even if you’re no longer sharing the same nine to five shift.


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