11 Thoughts I Had Watching Sabrina Carpenter’s Please, Please, Please Video

It is art.

Sabrina Carpenter’s latest single, Please, Please Please, has just landed – and it’s good.

The accompanying music video has also landed – and it’s very good.

The video stars herself and Barry Keoghan, as they embark on a tumultuous relationship which sees Barry get arrested multiple times, get into some scraps, and generally pine for Sabrina from jail. As you would.

Sabrina also pleads with Barry to “don’t embarrass me, motherfucker.” Make of that what you will.

In case you have yet to grace your eyes upon this piece of pop culture art, here is the video:

Now let me tell you 11 thoughts I had while watching it.

1. Well, that’s a hard launch

2. Barry looks well

3. Sabrina looks even better

4. She might be one of the most beautiful people on the planet?

5. Barry is down bad


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6. Romanticising petty crime? I can dig it

7. Where do I get a fur coat like this?

8. I really like them together

9. This is going to age badly when they inevitably break up

10. Does this mean Sabrina’s going to make a cameo in the upcoming Beatles’ biopic?

11. Good song