11 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Ireland’s Love/Hate Relationship With Coppers

Serving up 3am realness for 20 years.

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Oh, Coppers, how we love to hate thee.

Ireland’s relationship with the Harcourt Street institution is definitely a tumultuous one. After all, it’s allowed us to have many a drunken dance-off to the strains of Cotton Eye Joe. But it’s also led to many a Sunday (or Friday) morning hangover.

The club celebrated its 20th birthday last night, and Twitter’s been reminding us exactly why its still going strong two decades on.

1. It’s always had a fairly… relaxed… dress code


2. But you can still expect a grilling from the bouncers

3. We’d recommend wearing something that can take all kinds of spillage


4. It’s stolen more jackets, handbags and phones from us than we care to remember

5. But we keep going back

6. The pull of that queue at 2.30am is often irresistible

7. Our mind is saying no, but our heart is saying YES


8. That dancefloor holds a special place in our hearts

9. It’s lead to many a missed lecture/deadline/flight…

10. Especially when there are no taxis to be had at 4.30am

11. Never change, Coppers


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