13 Reasons Why Fan? New Details Have Emerged About Season 2 And We Can’t Wait!

The cast opened up about what's in store, as well as the role of Selena Gomez on set.

Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why got everyone talking when it first aired in March of this year, and now that season two is underway, fans of the show are eager to get any tidbits of information they can.

Season one follows the lives of a group of high school students, who are coming terms with the suicide of their fellow classmate, Hannah Baker.

Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen, opened up about what’s in store for the new episodes, telling Entertainment Tonight, ”[The new season] kicks off a few months after season one.”

“There’s a lot of continuation in the dialogue,” Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker, added, “This season particularly is a lot about recovery, looking at Jessica and the people who were affected.“

But just because the seasons’ theme is recovery, doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing for the characters. “It’s an emotional story. Season two will progress to more of an emotional place, due to the nature of the story we’re telling. I’m sure we’re all heading in some dark directions again. I think anybody would be surprised if we weren’t,” Dylan said.

Steven Silver, who plays Marcus Cole, added, “The first episode is juicy. Last season we had to introduce some people and give back story, and this season we can hit the ground running. Season two is all original content, we’re starting from scratch. You can see some of the other characters develop that were not so developed in season one.

And when asked about Selena Gomez’s involvement in the show, he said, “She’s always involved, she’s always checking in and making important decisions and giving important notes. She’s boss, I love her.”

Are you excited for the return of 13 Reasons Why?

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