13 Times Jack And Dani Proved They Were The Worthy Winners Of Love Island

They are the cutest couple we've ever seen on Love Island, FACT.

All our dreams came true when Jack and Dani were crowned the winners of Love Island 2018. They’ve been srs couple goals since day one – here are the best ‘Jani’ moments from the series.

1. The first coupling up

Remember when Jack first walked into the villa? Dani and Samira both stepped forward but it was down to Jack to decide which girl he wanted to couple up with. And duh, of course, he chose Dani by saying:  “I think Dani’s lovely, I’ll pick Dani.” Like actually imagine he chose Samira, what a different series it woulda been.

2. The first date and first kiss

Dani and Jack went to the beach for their first date. The two grew so much closer and Dani asked Jack to meet her family. Our hearts melted when Dani then told Jack that this was the first time she’d ever been to the beach with a boy and he persuaded her to be silly and run into the sea.

Fast forward a few days and they finally had their first proper kiss. Dani wanted to take things slow and would only give Jack a peck but a week after coupling up, she was ready to have a proper smooch and it left Jack grinning like a Cheshire cat.

3. The impression of Eyal


Couples that laugh together stay together and we knew from this scarily accurate impression of Eyal that Jack and Dani were the ones.

4. Jack making breakfast for Dani

Okay, so he didn’t exactly cook it himself but he still rounded up the troops to get help and that’s just as adorable. They had their first night in the Hideaway – Jack was so buzzing purely off the fact that he just got to spend time alone with her and ugh, our hearts couldn’t take it.

5. Dani fancying Jack despite his taste in shirts

Dani made sure everyone knew just how much she fancied Jack when she coupled up with him even though he was wearing a silly shirt. OUR HEARTS COULDN’T HANDLE IT.

6. Proving they were #loyal to one another

Casa Amor came to throw spanners in the works for the couples but the one that passed the test with flying colours was, of course, Dani and Jack. Not knowing what either was up to, they still remained loyal (we are so sick of that word btw) to each other by sacrificing their skin to the mossies to sleep outside away from the new boys and girls.

7. The ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ talk

It was the moment we were all waiting for and it did not disappoint.  Jack came back from Casa Amor and just knew that he didn’t want to be with anyone other than Dani. We knew it was coming but when Dani said yes, we were only bawling.

8. Werewolves

He easily could have done the ‘laddish’ thing and mansplained to her that werewolves weren’t real but he we went along with her belief and ugh, so cute.

9. Cooking for the villa

This was hands down the funniest ‘Jani’ moment we saw all series. Between the two bickering like an old married couple, struggling to find the Spanish for chicken breasts and Jack eating all the crisps they bought for snacks… TV GOLD.

10. The fight

This was probably the greatest line delivered all series, but it’s also such a highlight in Jack and Dani’s journey. After the lie detector test came back with a few dodgy results, Dani was less than impressed with Jack. The two had their first proper fight in the villa and when they got into bed, Dani told Jack she was leaving the show in the morning – he was absolutely SAVAGE with his response.

11. The hot air balloon date

This was the most epic final date we’ve seen on Love Island, and it was only fair it went to the best couple in the villa. They reflected on their time together, told each other just how much they were in love and decided to take the next step and move in with each other when they left the show. Again, OUR HEARTS.

12. Meeting the parents

This was the episode we were all waiting for the second we heard Danny Dyer’s daughter was headed for the villa. Dani was so excited but nervous meeting Jack’s mam and brother but just like us at home, they instantly loved her. Jack was his charming self when he met Dani’s grandparents and had they been left any longer, we reckon Dani’s gran would have tried to run away with Jack. But then came THAT moment – Jack and Dani went to the living room for a Skype call with Dani’s mam and dad and it was safe to say Jack was bricking it.

13. Winning

Jack and Dani were crowned king and queen of Love Island by public vote – we weren’t surprised but yet couldn’t stop crying. The two left with £50,000 that they’re gonna share and we just cannot wait to see what the future brings for the couple.

Now we’re gonna go wallow with ice-cream knowing we probably won’t ever find love as pure as Jack and Dani’s.