Guilty? Apparently 15% Of Couples Don’t Want You To Do This At Their Wedding

According to a new survey, it's a bit of a faux pas.


We live our lives online, sharing everything from our dinner to our holiday snaps, so naturally a friend or family member’s wedding should be no different, right?

Er, maybe not, that is according to a weddingsonline survey that revealed 15.4% of couples do not want their guests to share their wedding day snaps across social media. Best delete that Insta post then, yeah?

Similarly, 38% of the couples surveyed said they’d be happy for their guests to share pics from the wedding, but only if the bride and groom were able to post their snaps first.

For newly wed Katie going unplugged made her big day feel more intimate. “We asked our guests to switch their phones off and not post anything on Facebook until after the ceremony,” she tells us. “We wanted the service to be about us and our guests; nobody else.”

On the flip side, there’s been a growing trend for wedding day hashtags that allow couples to track the snaps of their big day. “We had a hashtag at our wedding,” says Clare, 31. “A big part of the day is celebrating with your family and friends so I see nothing wrong with them posting a few pics to Facebook or Instagram. It also means I have a ready-made online album of all our guests’ photos too, which is always nice to look back on.”

What do you think? Should weddings come with a social media ban or is sharing pics on Insta part of the fun?


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