15 Things You Didn’t Know About Real Housewives Star Kenya Moore

"My favourite Real Housewives to watch is probably Potomac or Beverly Hills"

My favourite city is New York. My daughter is named after Brooklyn, it’s where I met my husband. There’s no place in the world like there, I love the energy there.

My favourite part of being a mother is seeing Brooklyn grow. Every milestone is just spectacular. Her development is so amazing to watch and honestly, I’m just in awe of her everyday. 

My favourite fruit is probably a kiwi. I never eat the skin though! 

I’m not really a big drinker, but if I had to, my favourite cocktail would be a mojito. I like that it’s so refreshing. I drink lemonade so much that a mojito just tastes like lemonade with vodka! 


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My favourite Real Housewives to watch is probably Potomac or Beverly Hills, but also lately Dubai is delivering. It’s so interesting to see how women live in that region. I really wanna know how people live there. 

The housewife I get on the best with is probably Gizelle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac, Teresa Giudice from New Jersey and Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills. But I’m definitely closest with Giselle. 

I have a lot of idols but one person I really look up to is Michelle Obama. She has so much class and beauty and she’s highly intelligent, she’s kind, she’s respected. 

My desert island beauty product would probably be some kind of a lip balm, I can’t be without it. 


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The first official job I got a paycheck for was in Mcdonald’s. I was quite good at it. I quickly moved up to being the fry girl (that’s a big deal) I loved it! It taught me so much about responsibility, independence punctuality and being reliable and trustworthy too. I also worked as a model for my grandmother’s fashion boutique, I used to model for her. 

A series I’ve recently binged is Bridgerton, I love it! Do I even have to say why – I LOVE Rege Jean-Page of course, the hunky hunky Duke of Hastings!

My number one hair tip is not to use too much heat on your hair. I’ll air dry it first before styling, then I’ll do a cool iron on it. I have my own haircare line, Kenya Moore Haircare and everyone loves the serum, it’s lightweight, and it works so quickly. 


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My most meaningful possession is a photo album from my grandmother, and I negotiated to get it. There are old photos of me and my family that I really hold dear.

My closes friend out of the Atlanta Housewives is definitely Kandi (Burruss), regardless if we haven’t spoken to each other in a day or a month, the relationship is always the same. I love that she’s so kind, she’s so honest and loyal and she’s a great businesswoman to boot. They’re the best qualities. 

A song I always listen to to get psyched up is John Legend’s All Of Me, I love that he wrote it for his wife. 

My favourite fashion brand is Alaia, I’m such a huge fan of them, I’ve been collecting their pieces for some years now. Between Alaia and Chanel, I really love their designs.