17 Tweets That Perfectly Describe Ireland’s Love-Hate Relationship With Ryanair

Flash sale, YAY! Three-hour delay, NAY.


Us Irish love a bargain, and when it comes to travelling abroad it’s no different.

A €1 flight to Paris? Yes please.

London for a tenner? Yup, we’ll take that.

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Never mind the the tedious booking process (no, I don’t want travel insurance, a hotel booking, a rental car or priority boarding), the fact that you have to pay roughly €3,000 per checked bag, or the likelihood of your flight being delayed by three hours for “indeterminate” reasons. Ryanair still has a hold of our hearts, and it won’t let go.

Behold, 16 tweets that perfectly describe our back-and-forth relationship with the king of budget airlines, Ryanair.

When there’s a flash sale on, no-one can cope with the excitement


Ten minutes ago you had no intention of going on holiday, now you’ve booked a four-day mini break to Bratislava.


But once you arrive at the airport, things start to go downhill. 


Did someone say delay? Please, no.


Maybe it’s not their fault…


Luckily Ryanair alerted you ahead of time via text, right?


Finally! You’re on board. You and 40 cramped bright yellow seats.


(Although if you’ve flown recently you might have noticed they’ve toned down the yellow, yay!)


(Only on the front of the seats, though. Boo.)


Once the flight lands, there’s always that moment of anticipation when you think you’re getting away without hearing the fanfare.


Oh wait, there it is.


But let’s face it, we’ll still choose Ryanair any day – as long as it’s cheaper, that is.