18 Things You Didn’t Know Comedian About Emma Doran

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My biggest comedy inspirations would be Jennifer Maguire, I really liked her on Republic Of Telly. Deirdre O’Kane was the first woman I saw do standup and she’s hilarious. Caroline Aherne from The Royle Family inspired me too. 

My favourite thing about being a mam is I’m just mad about my kids. In other relationships in your life, you go through stages where you question it or it’s not total plain sailing but with your kids you never do. 

Autumn or Winter would be my favourite season. I’m not even pale, I’m transparent! I love coats, hats, boots, when it comes to Summer I don’t know what to be doing with myself. 


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If I wasn’t a comedian, I’d probably be working in a admin role in an office. I’d be the absolute wagon of the office. Or I’d be working behind the scenes in production. 

I recently binged this series called The Baby on HBO, I was really impressed. It was female-led, onscreen and offscreen, it gave such an interesting take on motherhood. 

I enjoy gigs the most when they’re off the cuff. I did a gig in Kildare, it was all women in the audience and I started going off on one about ads for period products and stuff, it was the best laugh because we were all in it together. The connection with the audience is what makes it good. 

My favourite cocktail would be Sex on the Beach or Cosmopolitan. It depends what mood I’m in. I do like a White Russian too. Lovely ice, nice glass, no messin’!


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The best holiday I went on was to America with my mam when I was 15. We went for 2 weeks, you’re at that age where you’re consuming so much American TV, it’s such a big trip at that age. 

I always listen to music in the car on the way to a gig, lately I’ve been listening to Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion’s Sweetest Pie to get pumped up before a gig. 

My comedy notebook is so precious to me, it’s probably my most prized posession. It’s not that I don’t know the jokes in it, I know them all by heart by now but it;s more of a comfort thing. 

The four people I’d have at a dinner party would be Steve Coogan, Sinead O’Connor and then Caroline Aherne. Steve and Caroline would probably have loads to talk about and then listening to Sinead, she’s such an interesting person. I’d probably throw in Oprah as well, I have a love/hate relationship with her. She’d pick up the tab, surely?

My brothers used to call me Emma Flemma as a nickname, or else Fiz from Corrie. 


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My first part-time jobs were babysitting and working in a newsagent. I always loved earning money but anyone who used to come in to the shop I’d burn the ear off talking so my friends would avoid coming in! 

I’d pick 5 as my lucky number, nothing that happens on that date, it just looks nice. 

If I had to go on a reality show it would be Gogglebox. 

I’ve 2 dogs, Twiggy and Stan, they’re actually mother and son. 

I started off as a quiet kid, but, I remember being funny. I was showing a girl in my class how to put your hand in your armpit and make a fart noise. By the time of second class I knew how to put on a show. 

My plans for the rest of the year are doing my first solo show. I’ve also a TV show coming out in September. And I’m always giggling. 


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