19 Things You Didn’t Know About Aimee Connolly

The MUA and beauty entrepreneur shares her darkest secrets with STELLAR.

I started in makeup when I was 16, working part time, which is why it feels like I’ve been doing it for decades. 

I’m an only child, but I love, love, love big family gatherings because I never had them growing up. 

I’m a Christmas Eve baby and so, was going to be called Holly or Eve, but Aimee won. 

My name is actually spelled Aimée in French, because my mom loves it. 

I loved in France for a year as part of my degree in Commerce and French, and loved it!

I am surprisingly very organised in work and totally disorganised with most other parts of my life. 

I always lose keys to the point that the girls in work now automatically take the responsibility for them. 

I’ve never drank coffee, but I’m all about tea for life. 

When I was younger – about 7 – a chicken Kiev just out of the oven burst all over me and gave me really bad burns – I didn’t eat one again for about 15 years.

I started working for myself when I was about 19, and then went full time into researching and developing Sculpted when I was 22. 

I have nine fabulous girls that work for me and make Sculpted what it is.

I had scoliosis growing up, so I had my spine straightened when I was 17. I grew two inches after surgery. 

My boyfriend is from Galway and as much as I love it there, I would never leave my beloved Dublin.

If I could live off one food for the rest of my life it would be chips. Lashings of salt and vinegar – delish! 

My nicknames in my family are: Squaimbox, Aimsee, Squaimsee, Squaims… no idea where they came from.

My mum says I was a great feeder as a child. I ate everything and I’ve still not lost the puppy fat in my cheeks!

I’m not capable of eating spicy foods, they don’t go down well.

One of my worst fears is soft bread with butter on it. Toast with melted butter and we’re laughing, but a soft bread sandwich with butter on it is literally my idea of hell.

I’m fluent in Irish and went to an all Irish school! 


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