19 Things You Didn’t Know About Jedward

The twin kings of entertainment share their deepest, darkest secrets!


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1. Our music icon is Justin Timberlake, he’s inspired us with his shirts and ties, he’s always made a statement. We like to imagine any iconic 90s popstars’ energy before performing. 

2. Our favourite scent is Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. 

3. The best X Factor judge ever was Britney Spears. For the UK X Factor we loved Cheryl! Every week she gave us such looks. It was always exciting to see.

4. Our favourite city is LA. There are so many people ready to film music videos and you can be as creative as you want to be. You can be unknown or go to the craziest parties. We do love Dublin though, there’s an energy here you can’t get anywhere else in the world. 

5. Our favourite song to perform live is Lipstick. It’s aged well and really gets the crowd going. If we had to do a cover we’d do Hallelujah, it’s nice to do a song that everyone knows as it really creates an atmosphere. 


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6. Our earliest memory is staying with our granny, she’d always organise our clothes, from our socks to everything else. She’d leave the clothes on the heater to warm them up too. 

7. We’ve recently binged the TV show Gotham, we watched it from start to finish. But we love Desperate Housewives and Selling Sunset. 

8. Our style icon is David Bowie. Anyone who defines the norms, we love! Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury… anyone who took a step out to change up fashion inspires us. 

9. Our lucky number is 13 – we love Taylor Swift and it reminds us of her.

10. Our coffee order is matcha, it has really good antioxidants, with vanilla syrup to neutralise the taste. Or we love a white mocha after swimming to warm up. 

11. Our career highlight was Eurovision, it’s this thing that never ages. It reaches a demographic that you can’t reach on any platform! Being yourself throughout your whole career is also something we’re really proud of too!


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12. Our dream dinner guest would be Jared Leto, Michael D Higgins and Enya. Enya was at our cousin’s graduation and we were so starstruck!

13. Our favourite season is winter. We love wearing hoodies and caps.

14. We have a chihuahua called Blaze, we’ve had her since 2012. We always had dogs growing up, we love them!

15. Our best holiday was to Egypt. We went to Cairo and Tomb of the Kings, it was so beautiful! 

16. Our plan is to do more TV. We’re always sober, we turn up on time, we’re always camera ready and we love doing it. We never got any media coaching or anything like that so when it comes to ungiving our opinions on The Big Deal, we think people trust us more as we’ve been through it all. 


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17. Our childhood crush was Pamela Anderson, Tara Reid, Carmen Electra or any of those women we loved growing up. 

18. We’ve been working on new music and we have a complete album nearly ready to go. Our last album has 22 songs so that was like two albums! It’s nice to see people opening up to us when they maybe wouldn’t have before. A lot of our fans get our lyrics tattooed, it’s amazing. 

19. Our advice to anymore wanting to get into entertainment would be to try all sorts of things and find out what works for you. Don’t close yourself off to anything! If you want to audition for a talent show, you don’t have to win. Even if you compete, that’s still amazing. You can be an underdog and grow and grow like us over the years.