19 Things You Just Need To Know About I’m Grand Mam

Podcasters PJ Kirby and Kevin Twomey reveal their deepest, darkest secrets with STELLAR.


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1. Our favourite song to dance to is Samantha Mumba ‘Baby Come On Over’, it gives us such good memories of going out.

2. Our best live show as part of our Glory Holy tour was probably in Tuam, it felt like we were all on a private island or a secret stag do, it felt like it wasn’t in Ireland. The opening night in The Everyman in Cork was really special too as our mams were there, we didn’t know how the show was going to land and everyone was just out of lockdown, they were acting unhinged.

3. Our style icons are Joe Jonas and pregnant Rihanna. When we’re pregnant we want to look like her!

4. The best holiday we had together was to Barcelona, it was our first holiday post lockdown and our first sun holiday together too. We didn’t realise we were staying five minutes from the nudist gay beach, there was a bar there called The Gay Bar. It was a day and a half, we had an absolute skit!


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5. Our dream three dinner party guests would be Louis Theroux, Princess Diana and Jesus. Jesus and Louis would bounce off each other really well! The only thing with Jesus is if we ran out of drink he’d be able to change the water into wine, we’d want natural wine, a pale rosé. We’d be sitting there like this tastes like Blossom Hill, what the hell Jesus?

6. We absolutely love a margarita, Kevin likes a clean rim and in a short glass! PJ likes a spicy margarita.

7. Kevin’s signature scent is Le Labo Santal 33 cologne, PJ does have a thing for the smell of Sure For Women deodorant though!


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8. Our favourite podcasts are Getting Curious with Jonathan VanNess, Sibling Rivalry by Bob and Monet and How’s Work with Esther Perel, it talks about relationships in the workplace. Louis Theroux’s podcast Grounded was so good too! His interview style is amazing<

9. Our career highlight to date was probably our sold-out tour across Edinburgh, London and Ireland. We did 21 dates. It was amazing to have a project that started at our kitchen table go so big. We really loved performing in Cork too!

10. Our favourite beauty products are Fenty Fat Water, it’s just so gorgeous on the skin. Kevin loves the Kiko Milano green stick concealer too.

11. We drink tea and coffee, anything to get us through the day! If you forget to have a coffee during the day you’re nearly so proud of yourself aren’t ya?


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12. Our favourite part of London is the canal in Hackney Wick or Broadway Market. Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green is where we always had our best nights out so that’s quite sentimental to us too.

13. If we had no budget to spend money on clothes, we love Diesel’s new Ready to Wear collection for Fashion Week, we’d buy all of it. Balenciaga or Bottega have gorgeous bits too.

14. The TV shows we’ve recently binged are This Is Going To Hurt, it’s phenomenal and Starstruck. And Bridgerton because it’s easy watching!


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15. Our favourite Spice Girl was Baby. All the gays wanted to be a Baby! PJ is a Baby moon and a Ginger rising.

16. We’d love to be on TV someday (watch this space!) We did a vlog for our Patreon when we were in Salou and it was so funny, a travel show would be iconic. We were toying with delving into different gay cultures of different cities for the podcast, it might just happen yet.


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17. Our plans for 2022 are to have a laugh, we’re also looking forward to the new season of I’m Grand Mam and we hope to do more bits on Irish radio. We’d love to start a club night too!

18. Our favourite pub we’d go to when we’re in Cork would be Franciscan Well Brewery.

19. Our podcast, ‘I’m Grand Mam’, was born when we were on holiday in Budapest, we found people were kind of homophobic there and that’s when we decided to start a project together.

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