20 Things You Didn’t Know About Jodie Wood

The influencer, mum-of-one and nutritionist reveals her deepest secrets, only in STELLAR.


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I’m a complete science geek at heart. I studied molecular biology in UCD and still have a lab coat hanging in my wardrobe.

I speak three different types of pig Latin, one of which only the women in our family know and it irritates the men beyond belief, magical.

I’m such an introvert. I’m secretly loving quarantine because it’s pretty much my normal life anyway.

I met Michael Jackson, twice!

I don’t like chocolate, I can’t understand the obsessions with it and would much rather a bag of crisps any day.

I’m such a planner and incredibly impatient, I can’t stand not being in control of a situation… Something I definitely need to work on!


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I’m animal obsessed. If I won the lotto the first thing I would do is open a giant dog rescue to help with the massive problems we have here in Ireland.

True crime is my all-time favourite pastime; podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows – you name it.

I keep my circle of true friends very tight, I think I’ve a great judge of character and read people the minute I meet them.

The sound of people eating makes me want to stick a fork in my eyeballs. It’s called misophonia… Look it up!

My guilty pleasure is strolling those middles aisles in Lidl and Aldi aimlessly searching for stuff to buy that I do not need.

I am DIY obsessed and love to get stuck into anything at home that needs work. Currently, it’s the garden.

One day I ran into the corner of a wall on the hockey pitch of a school near our estate and split the top of my forehead open, so now I’ve a little patch of skin where no hair grows.


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I’m quite religious and say my gratitude prayers every night going to bed!

When we were young I was so jealous of my brother’s long eyelashes I convinced him to cut them all off with a nail scissors… He was five and I was evil. Whoops.

I am incredibly honest and straight-talking. I can’t hold back if I feel something needs to be said. It’s a good and a bag thing for the people around me!

I think intelligence is the most attractive quality in someone and would choose it over looks any day!

My great-grandfather was a founder of Sinn Féin and elected to the first Dail Éireann. He’d be rolling in his grave if he knew I married an English man!

I absolutely despise working out and cannot fathom why anyone chooses to do it for fun.

I only have to look at a boat to get seasick. A booze cruise is my idea of living hell.


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