21 Disney Questions And Answers For Your Next Zoom Quiz

How good is your Disney knowledge?

Zoom quizzes are a great way to keep the conversation (and wine) flowing throughout Christmas, as we test ourselves and our mates to see who really has the best Disney knowledge.

Think you’re a Disney buff? Have you watched all the movies from the classics to the Disney Channel originals? Well, now it’s time to test your skills.

Here are 21 Disney themed questions and answers and remember, no cheating!


1. How many Disney films has Lindsay Lohan appeared in?

2. In The Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis is heir to the throne of which fictional European country?

3. What is Sully’s full name in Monsters Inc?

4. Name Zac Efron’s character in High School Musical?

5. In Winnie-the-Pooh, what type of animal is Eeyore?

6, Where is Lilo & Stitch set?

7. What is the name of Anna and Elsa’s kingdom in Frozen?

8. Have many band members are in The Cheetah Girls 2?

9. Who voices Bolt in the 2008 film of the same name?

10. Finish the title of this Disney Channel series “Good Luck _____”

11. What year did Disneyland Paris open?

12. Finish the name of this Disney Park ride “Tower Of _____”

13. In Ratatouille, what is the rat’s name?

14. Eddie Murphy voices which kind of creature in Mulan?

15. In Finding Nemo, what kind of fish is Nemo?

16. Who plays Hannah Montana’s dad in the hit Disney Channel show?

17. In the Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, name the character of the hotel manager?

18. Who played Alex Russo in Wizards Of Waverly Place?

19. What year did Lady And The Tramp get a live-action remake?

20. What month did Disney Plus launch in Ireland?

21. Who plays Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled?


1. 6

2. Genovia

3. James P. Sullivan

4. Troy Bolton

5. Donkey

6. Hawaii

7. Arendelle

8. 4

9. John Travolta

10. Charlie

11. 1992

12. Terror

13. Remy

14. Dragon

15. Clown fish

16. Billy Ray Cyrus

17. Mr Moseby

18. Selena Gomez

19. 2019

20. March

21. Mandy Moore


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