4 Foods To Help You Recover From A Boozy Weekend

It's Monday and you're still feeling mega sluggish after a wild weekend. Here's what to eat so you're back to your best ASAP.

Vitamin C smoothie

Top tips to beat a two day hangover

1. Take a ten minute walk around the block for an instant energy boost.

2. Eat at regular intervals to re-stabilise your metabolism.

3. Re-hyrdrate. Keep a large bottle of water by your desk and sip throughout the day.

You had a late one in Coppers over the weekend, you spent all day Sunday indulging your hangover with pizza and other greasy carbs and you’re still feeling groggy as hell now that you’re back in the office on Monday morning. Ugh.

Don’t reach for a painkiller and another cup of coffee; these four foods will help you fast-track your way back to feeling normal again…

1. Bananas

Feeling mighty tired? Bananas are a great natural energy booster, thanks to their high levels of potassium which is known to both boost your mood and ward of fatigue. Scoff one down with breakfast, or add it to your smoothie for a hit of slow-releasing energy that’ll see you through the day.

2. Water with lemon

Drinking water with a squeeze of lemon does two things. Firstly, it rehydrates your bod meaning you’ll be replacing the fluids you lost over the weekend. Secondly, it kick starts your metabolism which in turn helps your body to flush out any remaining toxins that have been left behind from the weekend’s antics. Aim for eight glasses, and then some.

3. Anything that’s rich in vitamin C

All that booze will have likely lowered your immune system. To get it back to it’s best consume lots of immune-boosting vitamin C, found in fruits like oranges, grapefruit, pineapple and strawberries. For a quick hit, toss together a vitamin C-rich fruit salad or blend into a juice for a speedy way to counteract those late night Tequilas.

4. Foods high in zinc

Finding it hard to concentrate? Zinc has brain-boosting properties that may help combat the brain fog you’re feeling. As a bonus, it also speeds up your body’s recovery process, meaning you’ll feel as right as rain in no time. Chow down on foods like yoghurt, cheese and nuts between meals, or pop a supplement to keep your zinc levels topped up throughout the day.