4 Gross Things That Have Happened On The Job

From defecating in changing rooms to moping up diarrhea; our readers spill on some of the grossest things that have happened to them during working hours.


Did you hear recently about the NYPD cop who allegedly threw semen on his co-worker’s leg? A female officer was walking back to the office from the toilet when she felt something wet splash against her leg. When she turned around she found her male colleague crouching down behind her. She reported the incident and when a sample of the liquid was sent away for testing, it was revealed to be semen.

That horrible story got us thinking about some of the horrible things that have happened us while at work. One STELLAR staffer had to regularly clean up a dog’s wee in the grocery store she used to work at, while another once watched on as her colleague spat in a customer’s burger at her old gig at a fast food joint.

We asked our readers about some of the not-so-savoury things that have happened to them while at work. If you thought your job sucked, then spare some sympathy for these guys…

Claire, 26

Back when I worked in retail people did some vile things in store. Perhaps the worst though, was the day a customer, a woman of about 35, dashed into the store and ran straight into the changing rooms. After about two minutes she sheepishly poked her head around the curtain, caught my eye, and bolted back out the door. I pulled back the changing room curtain to find a hot, steaming poo in the middle of the fitting room. To this day, I still don’t know why she didn’t just go to the Starbucks next door…

Julie, 31

I encountered some pretty horrible people back when I worked night shifts at a service station. People were coming in at all hours of the night, many of them reeking of booze and just generally being abusive. One of the worst though, was this rough-looking guy in his mid-twenties who got irritate when I refused to serve him alcohol at two in the morning. He yelled at me for about 10 minutes, calling me all the names under the sun. Eventually, he got fed up and left – but not before spitting in my face.

Laura, 21

One particularly hungover day at the cafe I used to work at, I walked into the customer toilets to find an awful mess. Someone had obviously had diarrhea and there was literally shit everywhere – all over the toilet bowl, on the floor, on top of the sanitary bin, and even all over the wall of the cubicle. The worst thing by far, was the fact that I had to clean it up. It was nearly too much for my nauseous, hungover stomach.

Rachel, 35

I’ve looked at more than 17,000 crotches since I started working in hair removal. I once had a guy who removed hair for cultural reasons. Honestly, I think I was the only woman to ever touch him. One day I was tweezing out some hairs from his scrotum, and I noticed almost in slow motion, one ball dropping. I was like, ‘OMG what is happening,’ and then he came. He was mortified; I was mortified. It wasn’t pervy or anything – he couldn’t control it, but he wasn’t allowed to come back.