4 Healthy Eating Hacks From The Victoria’s Secret Models’ Nutritionist

What do the angels eat to stay in shape? Their nutritionist tells all on their daily diets, and they're surprisingly not as strict as you might think.

vanessa packer

There’s no denying that Victoria’s Secret angels have some of the most enviable bods on the planet, but what does it really take to get – and stay – in such amazing shape? Well, aside from a pretty intense exercise regime, their diet also plays a fairly major role in making sure their bodies stay in tip-top condition.

Giving a sneak peak into their daily diet, the VS gals’ nutritionist, ModelFit co-owner Vanessa Packer, recently told Business Insider, the healthy eating tips she shares with her runway-bound angels.

Here are her top tips for eating healthy and looking after your bod:

1. Eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast is definitely a no-no, and Vanessa tells the angels to gorge on oatmeal as their go-to morning meal of choice. This is partially to do with the breakfast staple containing whole grains and carbs to fuel their intense exercise regime. We get it, strutting the runway ain’t easy!

2. Don’t juice

Got a pretty hefty green juice habit? While not eliminating them completely, Vanessa encourages the models to incorporate just one juice a day into their diets, preferably of the green kind in the morning, and after their strenuous workouts. So, we guess that’s a no to juicing three times a day then…

3. Avoid sugar

We love a sugar fix as much as the next gal, but Vanessa also advises the angels to try to eat clean at all costs, and that means cutting down on sugary, processed foods. Not surprisingly, Vanessa also suggests the angels steer clear of fast food, and says learning to cook for yourself is key. “It would be great if people could get more comfortable cooking for themselves, not just eating out and eating quick,” she says.

4. Carbs are okay

Yup, the no carb rule isn’t totally true. “Some people digest carbs really easily others don’t,” she says. “I mean some people are like that [they can’t digest carbs].” But Vanessa believes in balance. “I believe in listening to your body and what your body wants.”

Seems like pretty sound advice to us.


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