4 Marriage Equality Videos We’re Loving Ahead of 22nd May’s Referendum

Dustin, Bosco, Mrs Brown, Tara Flynn and more are all coming out in support of a Yes vote and telling us why in their own inimitable style.

Dustin the Turkey

Voting this 22nd May? Need some funnies to help you decide? Oh it’s just as well Ireland’s puppets and funny peeps are on the ball with videos that are all about the Marriage Referendum so, isn’t it? We’ve rounded up our four faves here – got another? Drop it in the comments!

Psst: don’t forget to check the register of electors to make sure you’re DEFINITELY on there too, okay?

Mrs Brown

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson (Adam and Paul; Frank) we love this one because it just might change the minds of a few vacillating mammies and daddies out there.

Lords of Strut

The pair ably demonstrate the futility of bigotry. Just be cool and your head won’t explode, mm’kay?

Tara Flynn & Kevin McGahern

Comedian Tara Flynn (who we love) and Republic of Telly’s Kevin McGahern take us to ARMAGAYDDON!

Bosco ‘n’ Dustin

Our puppet pals show us why everyone deserves equality. But poor Anne Doyle!