5 Guilt-Free Breads You Absolutely Have To Try

We've sorted out your brekkie, lunch and dinner for the next year. These guilt-free breads are so delish you won't have room for anything else.

If you’re anything like us you’ll have forgotten how many times you’ve tried and failed to give up the delicious, carby treat that is bread, but one thing you do remember is it was damn near impossible.

So, with that in mind we set out to find some bread recipes that won’t give you the guilts but are still super tasty.

Here’s what we’re making to get our daily dose of carbs:

1. Seeded multi-grain boule

seeded multi-grain boule

This delicious boule is to-die-for. It’s packed full of fibre and the added nuts and seeds mean it’s loaded with essential protein and minerals. It only takes 35 minutes to cook in the oven too, so after one episode of Sex And The City your bread is ready to eat.

2. Zucchini bread with Moroccan spices

zucchini bread

Who would have thought veg could make bread so delicious? Not us anyways, but we stand corrected; this zucchini bread totally defies our usual hatred of veg and the combination of moroccan spices has us salivating.

3. Oat bread

4 ingredient bread

Our staff writer Michelle tried out this oat bread recipe and we can totally vouch that it was delish. It’s hard to believe that this loaf only has four ingredients as it’s so filling and nutritious. Better yet it only costs €2 to make. Huzzah.

4. Malted walnut seed loaf

malted walnut and seed loaf

This unusual bread will have you begging for more; it’s beyond fab. Not only does it taste #delish, it’s packed full of essential fatty acids, iron and calcium which means you’re eating something oh-so-good that tastes really bold.

5. Sweet potato bread


Whoever had the ingenious idea to use our favourite veggie to make this yummy bread deserves a medal. This loaf tastes just as good as it looks and has all the nutritive value of a sweet potato. Sure, there’s a little sugar in there but lets be honest, who doesn’t need a little sweetness in their lives?