5 Irish Bloggers Who Have Spoken Out About Their Mental Health Struggles

We take our hats off to these inspirational ladies.

Chances are, you or someone you know has struggled with mental health issues. After all, a recent study revealed that one in four of us will deal with a mental health issue like anxiety or depression in our lifetime.

True, it can be an incredibly isolating experience, but if there’s one surefire way to help take the struggle out of struggling, it’s to talk openly about your experiences.

We looked to five Irish bloggers who’ve done just that.

Leanne Woodfull

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This gal is seriously style savvy, and while we often look to her for fashion #inspo, we also love her for her honesty when it comes to mental health.

Leanne has been very vocal about her struggles as a teenager, writing on her blog, “I was severely depressed, I was angry at myself and I was angry at the world and everyone around me. I don’t regret my entire teenage experience as such, but I do think a lot of it could have been prevented. That’s what teenage mistakes are all about though – reflecting on them as you grow older and moving on.” Leanne also gives some invaluable advice about coping with depression: “Let this post be a realisation for someone that everybody struggles. Some are only better at hiding it. Don’t try and trip someone up to make yourself feel better.”

Sinead Forde

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Sinead is now a food and fitness expert to many, but her relationship with food and exercise wasn’t always so healthy. In a candid interview with  STELLAR she told us about how she struggled with anorexia when she was younger. “The lowest point of my anorexia was when I hit 35kgs and collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Seeing my parents cry wondering would I survive is still something that haunts me to this day.”

After being in and out of hospital for years, Sinead finally overcame her disorder and she explained to STELLAR how her major turning  point was joining Westwood gym in Clontarf: “I met my trainer Stephen Kenny Gains and found a new outlet in lifting weights. I loved the feeling I got from training and was hooked in no time.”

Rosemary Mac Cabe

Former deputy ed at STELLAR, Rosemary McCabe has always been open about suffering with depression. In a recent vid, she goes into in-depth detail about her struggle, discusses her diagnosis, the medications she was prescribed, her experience with  different therapists and how she finally learnt to cope with her illness. A must-watch for anyone dealing with mental health issues right now.

Alison Canavan

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This model mum is an inspiration to us all. Alison speaks candidly about her struggle with post-natal depression on her blog.

“Having spent my life running, when I became a mum, I simply couldn’t run anymore as someone else depended on me and I had to face my problems,” she writes. “Something truly incredible happened to me one day when I was sitting on my old childhood bed back in my Mum’s house. I was a scared, broke and a single mum and even though I didn’t know which way to go I experienced a shift like never before.”

Alison explains how she transformed her life by making a small change. “We all need to find our individual formulas that work for us,” she writes. “And this needs to include: exercising your body and mind and nurturing your spirit. I meditate, eat well and exercise. I value and care for myself now and the rewards are good health, great energy, better moods and a love of life like never before.”

Joanne Larby

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One of our fave make-up gurus, Joanne Larby has spoken up about her mental health struggles. She told The Irish Sun, “I suffered from anxiety. I wasn’t depressed thankfully but I had a taste of panic attacks. They came from not making enough money as a blogger but having left my comfortable job teaching to pursue it.” Joanne also speaks about internet trolls and how she deals with negative comments. “It’s not easy to fight through begrudgers. The positive I take is that I’ve yet to receive any hate about me personally or about anything I say.” You tell ’em girl!

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