5 Irish Guy Bloggers You Should Totally Be Following

Blogging has long been a female-dominated world, but these days it's not just the girls that are blowing up the blogging world. Nuh-uh, these Irish guys are absolutely killing it too... 

1. Darren Kennedy

darren kennedy

You may recognise him from the TV shows #trending and The Unemployables but this heart-throb is taking the blogging world by storm too. Mr.Kennedy’s blog includes all the essentials that a gal (or guy) might need, from fashion trends to travel tips and parenting advice, he covers all the bases. Our favourite topic though? We seriously heart his fashion advice; it’s straight-talking and totally on point.

2. Damien Broderick

damien broderick

This up and coming blogger is certainly making his mark on the blogosphere. Damien gives us an insight into the world of male grooming and it’s not often we see Irish guys taking such an interest in their appearance. Visually, his Instagram is one of the coolest around, too. We <3.

3. James Patrice

It’s fair to say James is one helluva talented individual; not only is he a blogging pro, he also dabbles in the world of acting and presenting. If you’re looking  for some daily LOLs, plus loadsa fashion and beauty tips you should follow him on Instagram. His snapchat will also keep you up to date with all the social events in the city.

4. Conor Merriman

conor merriman

This NCAD student has some serious art talent. He’s a graphic designer and illustrator and has a keen eye for fashion design. Definitely one to watch for the future. We say head over to his blog right now for a look at his fab sketches.

5.Rob Kenny

rob kenny

Rob is certainly in the know when it comes to all things fashion. How do we know? Well, he’s been styling Holly Carpenter and Nicola Hughes as of late, and we definitely wouldn’t mind if he styled us, er, everyday.  Right now on his Instagram, you’ll find all of his recent, envy-inducing adventures at London Fashion Week. We’re well jeal.

By Laura Somers.