5 Really Important Things To Know About Tampons

Considering you put them inside your vajayjay, it's worth knowing a bit about them. Here are some essential facts.


Fast facts

  • The average woman uses 16,800 tampons in her lifetime.
  • A super-absorbency tampon can hold up to 12mls of blood.
  • Most types are made up of a mix of cotton and rayon.

1. They carry a luxury item tax in many countries

Countries such as Australia and Canada, are currently campaigning to have tampons taxed as an essential health product. Here in Ireland, we’re pretty lucky, because we currently pay 0% VAT on our sanitary items, and at the moment, our average lifetime tampon spend is around €2000.

2. They can’t physically get stuck inside you

They can however move further up your vagina. If you can’t find the string, squat and bear down, and using a clean finger and thumb, grab the bottom of the tampon and pull it out. If it has started to disintegrate, you should check for bits of debris that could still be lurking inside your vagina. They can cause a serious infection and can be removed by a doctor if necessary.

3. It’s never safe to use one out of its wrapper

Found an unwrapped tampon in the bottom of your handbag? It’s not safe to use. Tampons without their protective packaging can harbour germs leaving you at risk of infection. Washing your hands before insertion is also a must.

4. Doing a poo can dislodge them

So can dancing and strenuous exercise. If your tampon has moved, you can nudge it back into place using a clean finger, provided it isn’t due to be changed.

5. It’s important to remove them every four to eight hours

Leaving tampons in for an extended period of time can create a breeding ground for staph and strep bacteria that can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). While the risk of TSS is small, removing your tampons regularly can reduce your chances of infection.

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