5 Saintly & Delicious Smoothies To Help You Detox After The Weekend

Racked up a whole load of diet sins over the weekend? No panic, get back on the wagon with these vitamin and nutrient-loaded smoothies...

So the weekend’s done and dusted, and if you’re anything like us, after a sneaky takeaway, that cheeky glass of wine and all the extra calories consumed, your bod may need a helping hand in the cleansing department. That’s where detox smoothies come in; hella healthy, and delicious too, they’re the perfect way to reset your body after overindulging.

Here are five of the best ones to blitz up now…

1. It’s all about the berries


Berries are your friend when it comes to detoxing thanks to all of the antioxidants and fibre they contain. They’re just the thing our bods need to restore after the weekend’s festivities. This delicious smoothie is packed with blueberries and raspberries, both of which help to purge toxins from your system.

2. Kale-it up


Kale is the new spinach, and as such you should make sure you’re eating some on a semi-regular basis. Just mix some kale and half an apple, with one cup of coconut water for an instant energy boost. It’s as easy as that.

3. Ginger orange


Some of the most delicious detox smoothies come in the most unexpected combos. Ginger is excellent for digestion, while oranges provide tonnes of vitamins, as well as helping fight off viral infections and purify the blood. This tangy concoction is great for a quick cleanse or when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Sorted.

4. Heart-healthy choc-raspberry smoothie

Chocolate and raspberry smoothie


This detox smoothie was made for sweet lovers like us. Raspberries pack a powerful, nutritious punch, while dark chocolate helps increase blood flow to the brain and is full of those important antioxidants! #winning

5. Beet and Carrot

Fresh Beetroot with Carrot,apple,and ginger juice

This detox smoothie just sounds super healthy, right?! We admit we were late to jump on the beet bandwagon and it’s such a shame because they’re a great asset to so many yummy dishes. Beets both relax the mind and are a great source of energy. Carrots also help detoxify the liver and can help clear up skin issues, which is great if you’ve had a pesky pimple flare up over the weekend. The best bit? The carrot and beet combo is surprisingly delicious.

By Jennifer Conway.