5 Things We’re Doing To Detox After The Long Weekend

It's been a weekend of excess. Here's what you can do to repair the damage.

Avocado smoothie

We’ve had three days off, and we’ve ate, drank and been merry. The only problem? We’re feeling a tad sluggish, and our skinnys are definitely fitting a little bit tighter.

Luckily, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels here at STELLAR HQ, so we’ve initiated an action plan to get back to feeling our best.

Here’s what we’re doing to undo the damage…

Drinking lots of water

We’ll be chugging an excess of H2O today. Water helps to flush out toxins (of which we consumed a lot this weekend) while also helping to remove a bloated tum. We’ll be adding slices of lemon and lime to keep things interesting, and using a tracker app to ensure we get our eight glasses.

Moving just a little

We’re going to get moving today, but not too much. In fact, doing strenuous exercise when you’re tired or sluggish can actually be bad for your bod. Instead, we’ll aim for a ten minute walk around the block and a spot of yoga after work.

Having a veggie smoothie

We’re smoothie addicts here in STELLAR HQ, but plain fruit just won’t cut it today. To really get the detoxifying benefits, we’ll be going green. Our healthiest staffer Michelle’s go-to smoothie contains kale, celery, pumpkin seeds, lemon, avocado, raw beetroot and a couple of frozen berries. Give it a blitz in the blender and let us know if you like it.

Ditching caffeine

If there were ever a day when we needed a coffee, then today was probably it, but we’ll be steering clear of our usual pick me up. Why? Cos coffee can actually exacerbate tiredness and let’s be honest here, if you’re a tad hungover, it’s not great on a sick tummy.

Eating lean protein and greens

If there’s a surefire way to undo bloat, it’s this. After eating lots of gluttonous greasy carbs at the weekend, we need something light to cleanse our palettes. A superfood salad, or grilled chicken and roasted veggies will do just that.