5 Winter Soups To Get You Through To Spring

It's true: these healthy soups will warm the cockles of your heart, soul, and your universe.

You know that moment when you realise winter is finally here? Your heart skips a beat, your cheeks take on a rosy glow, and the pavements look, well, leafy? And then you know that moment right afterwards, when you realise that it’s lashing rain and that your fave suede boots are flecked with mud again? You, friend, need a soul-soothing bowl of delicious warming soup, stat. Here are five perfect recipes to get you started.

1. Broccoli spinach soup53a061fcd4a51_-_cos-06-spring-soups-broccoli-spinach-soup-de

Been overdoing it lately? Treat yourself right with this vitamin-filled soup that just happens to taste ah-mazing too. This is definitely one you’ll want for that hot date you have with your sofa and onesie. We <3 this recipe from Simple Bites.

2. Roasted carrot-apple soup


Get creative in the kitchen with this tangy soup recipe. Carrots, apples, and onions go in the oven for a quick roast, and come out with a totally insane flavour. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add some paprika brown butter?

3. Roasted cauliflower and garlic soup with caramelised onions


Even though it’s not green, cauliflower is surprisingly good for you. So health it up with this easy vegan roasted cauliflower and garlic soup. You’ll wish you had this recipe donkey’s ago – and, trust us, it’ll be one of your winter kitchen staples for years to come.

4. Ginger turmeric carrot soup


This vibrant, spicy, and sweet carrot soup is exactly what you want to be eating of the gloomiest of winter days. And it gets bonus points for featuring the ingredient of the moment: turmeric. Yay.

5. Curried sweet potato soup


If sweet potatoes are starting to feel a little dull, it’s time to add some new flavours. So why not try a fresh take on the dependable sweet spud and make a batch of this warming curried sweet potato soup? This is a detox soup in a sense and, dare we say, it might even be a little soul cleansing too.

By Jennifer Conway.


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