6 Delicious And Healthy Breakfasts To Make This Sunday

Because who says treating yourself has to feel guilty?

If you’re anything like us, your weekend has gone one of two ways.

Option 1. You’ve had a fabulously productive weekend which included, three gym sessions, a Saturday morning hike and rearranging your entire wardrobe. Hell, you even updated your CV!

Option 2. You’ve had a fabulously productive weekend which included, boozing. And shame. And regret. And boozing.

Whichever way it went you’ve ended up in the same place, starving on a Sunday morning in your kitchen. And whether you’ve gone for option one or option two, you need a good healthy feed to finish off your weekend.

Check out these six yummy and healthy breakfast recipes from some of our favourite food bloggers.

Breakfast SushiThe wonky spatula

You had us at sushi! And once again at bacon! A total re-imagining of the traditional Japanese food, these bacon, spinach and tomato rolls, don’t just look adorable, they taste pretty damn good too. Better still, you’ve started your day strong, with a boost of iron, Popeye would be proud!

Quinoa Fruit SaladRecipe Critic

Those colours doe! Literally a bowl of summer, this fruit quinoa got it going on! Super simple to make as well.

Smokey beans and bacon


Classic comfort food without the consequence, this healthy take on the average beans on toast, can be whipped up in a mere 10 minutes. Sorted! Oh and did we mention it includes bacon?

Super green smoothie bowlThe Minimalist Baker

We actually can feel the health benefits just by looking at this one! A simple bowl of goodness filled with all your favourite fats: avocado + almond milk = NOM. Get creative with this one and dress it up some deadly delicious toppings!

Banana, blueberry and pecan pancakes


While the words “healthy” and “pancakes” still seem a little obscure in the same sentence, you won’t hear us complaining. This recipe will provide you with some serious oaty banana goodness. And that blueberry/pecan combo? Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. The syrup? Hmm we’ll leave that one up to you…

Avacado & egg parma parcelsRoz

In Roz we trust! The model/mogul extraordinaire does it again with yet another, unreal healthy breakfast recipe. We’re not sure what we’re more excited about – eating a parcel for breakfast (how fancy), or the fact that parma ham is on the healthy food list! Holla!

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