6 Indulgent Treats That Are Totally Worth Breaking Your Diet For

Prepare for food porn and cancel the diet; these super gluttonous treats are definitely on our cheat meal menu right now.

It’s not that often we go all out and break our paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan diet but when we do, we like to do it well, and we reckon these cheats are totally worth cancelling your diet for; from savoury to sweet, we’ve got your covered with the most indulgent, gluttonous and delicious treats this weekend.  Go forth and indulge on these…

Dark and white chocolate raspberry brownies

dark and white choc brownies

Did someone say chocolate? No indulgent day would be complete without our favourite ingredient ever. This recipe is sure to satisfy any chocoholic. The white and dark combo make for one unreal snack (or meal)  and the added raspberries trick us into thinking we’re being healthy, cos anything with fruit in it is healthy, right?

Chorizo patatas braves with garlic aioli

Cooking for 2 Potato - Speedy Spuds - Patatas Bravas with Chorizo & Aioli


As you can see, this dish needs absolutely no introduction. It may have a hefty calorie count but boy, it’s worth it. The spicy sausage combined with our favourite tapas is a match made in food heaven and just when you think it can’t get any better, there’s a delicious drizzle of garlic aioli on top. Life made.

Grilled cheese with carmelised onions

grilled cheese qwith carmelised onion

This cheesy masterpiece makes for the perfect bold lunch. It’s not the worst when it comes to calories but we found ourselves making two,three, er, maybe four more. But hey, cheese is good for you right?

Ham, cheese and egg crêpes with asparagus

hamcheese crepes

Just incase you couldn’t tell, we’re kind of a little bit obsessed with cheese so this recipe had us salivating. It’s a little more adventurous than our usual toastie and it brings a little bit of France into our lives too; its like a little mini-break for your palette and we’re certainly not one to turn down a holiday.

Strawberry shortcakes

strawberry shortcake

If you’re a recovering chocoholic and you don’t want to fall off the wagon once more, this recipe is definitely for you. It’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and is prefect with a cup of tea or coffee. Bliss.

Nutella brownie

nutella brownie

We kept the best for last. This may just look like a chocolate dream but it’s actually super easy to make (maybe a little too easy…). We recommend not making this brownie more than once a year for fear of you turning into a brownie… it’s just that good.