6 Of The Best Fiction Books Coming Your Way In 2021

Our top picks to add to your must-read list.


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Looking for a good read? Whether you love nothing more than a good rom-com or a can’t put it down thriller, Hannah Hillyer has the details on the hottest titles coming your way as the weather warms up.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here

by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

When Ambrosia and Sully become fast friends at a prestigious school filled with privileged young women, all seems fine until it develops into an all-consuming relationship. Her obsessive friendship with Sully becomes dark and twisted as she shows she is willing to do almost anything to prove herself and ‘fit in’ to this elite school. What happens next is a manipulative game that reveals the sometimes ugly and sinister side to female friendships which can have massive consequences.

You’ll love this physiological thriller one if you were a fan of The Virgin Suicides or of Emma Cline’s The Girls. The TV rights have also just been bought so expect to keep hearing more about this one. Out now.

Transcendent Kingdom

by Yaa Gyasi

Dealing with the loss of her brother to addiction, Gifty begins to question everything in her life as she starts to rebuild it. Delving into her family’s past she soon realises that trauma has been there for generations, even before they made the move to the US.

This book is a dark and searing portrait of life in modern-day America. It touches on the crippling opioid crisis and how it has destroyed both lives and families, as well as the hard reality of immigrations for many. Expect love, loss and redemption in this story as we see Gifty try to craft a new life for herself that is far different to what she had first imagined. Out now.

Diving for Pearls

by Jamie O’Connell


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If you’re after a total page-turner then try Diving for Pearls from Irish author, Jamie O’Connell. Set in Dubai, this thriller follows a number of different characters across multiple nationalities, genders and ages as their lives all begin to converge and then quickly unravel following the death of a young Emirate woman.

For a city that attracts so many because of its wealth, glamour and opportunities, this book is an interesting insight into its darker underbelly and will grip you throughout. A fantastic debut novel. Out June 3rd.

The Perfect Lie

by Jo Spain


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If it’s a gripping thriller you’re after, look no further than Jo Spain’s latest. The novel follows the story of Erin Kennedy who moved to Long Island after a family tragedy. Happily married to her detective husband, one day, when she answers the door to his colleagues, he jumps to his death behind her from the window of their apartment. A year and a half later she is on trial for his murder.

This is a clever thriller full of twists, as Erin slowly begins to realise that perhaps she didn’t have the perfect life and husband she thought. There’s plenty to keep you guessing in this one, we would expect nothing less from thriller master Jo Spain. Out May 11th.

The Road Trip

by Beth O’Leary


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This best-selling author is really flexing her romance writing muscles with this one. Lovers of Beth’s first two books, The Switch and The Flatshare will be glued to her latest novel, The Road Trip.

The story sees two separate cars on their way to the same wedding and along the way get into a little accident which results in them having to carpool together. What you think is the perfect meet-cute actually turns out to be a pair of exes jam-packed into a car for hours, when they haven’t spoken in two years. But, could this actually be a good thing for Dylan and Addie?

It’s a smart, funny and totally gorgeous light-hearted read. Ideal for a sunny summer afternoon when all you want to do is get stuck into a good book. Out April 29th.

The Husbands

by Chandler Baker


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Described as a combination of The Stepford Wives and Get Out, what starts as a story about a cookie-cutter American family, soon turns dark. Dissatisfied housewife Nora is sick of her husband not pulling his weight at home. Her family move to a new neighbourhood where rather than the women do everything, instead they can have everything.

Although at first, this seems like a new and justified version of the American dream, a death in the area soon makes her realise that there is a complicated price to pay for having it all. A thrill of a read, this was featured in Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club, a sure-fire sign that it’s going to be a smash hit, and let’s be real, make for an excellent TV adaptation. Out June 29th.


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