7 Books Perfect For Reading This Spring While Sitting In A Park With An Iced Latte

Just some recs

It’s officially spring, and it’s time to enter your elusive gal reading a good book in public era.

There are countless books out there that are well worth your time. From drama to sci-fi to crime to fantasy, it can sometimes be impossible to choose a new read from all of the incredible novels on the go.

There’s a book for every situation, but is there a book for that gorgeous moment when you’ve got a few hours to yourself in the park and also a delicious drink to sip on? Well, there is now. In fact, there’s 7 of them.

So grab your sunnies, order a large iced coffee, and perch yourself in the sun with one of these recommendations.

1. Big Swiss – Jen Beagin

2. Nightbitch – Rachel Yoder

3. Sea Of Tranquility – Emily St John Mandel

4. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

5. Penance – Eliza Clark

6. The Three-Body Problem – Liu Cixin

7. Good Material – Dolly Alderton