7 Things Bound To Happen In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Day 1 in the Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother is back – and with it, a new way to mindlessly waste our evenings. Hooray!

The celebrity instalment of ITV2’s BB revival kicked off on Monday night, with a whole host of celebs that we know… and a good few that we don’t.

But hey, that’s the beauty of Celebrity Big Brother.

Here’s 7 things that are bound to happen in that house this spring. Called it.

1. Louis Walsh will namedrop everyone he’s ever worked with

He’s great! He’s from Ireland! He’s having fun up there in the Big Brother house!

And he’s going to talk exclusively about the artists he’s worked with and probably nothing else.

2. Ekin-Su will start planning her next reality TV venture

Give that woman two days and she’ll be sending her agent telepathic messages about wanting to do Dancing With The Stars (Ireland) next.


3. Gary Goldsmith will reveal Kate’s whereabouts

Finally,  BBL confirmation?

4. There will be a love triangle

Unlikely? C’mon, have a little hope.

Our money’s on Ekin, Lauren Simon, and Fern Britton.


5. Sharon and Louis will scrap

But what could they fight about? The X Factor? Reality TV? Their long standing friendship that always seemed quite rocky to begin with?


6. The Unknown will enter as a surprise housemate

What is that……. it’s The Unknown. And it’s going to nominate you for snoring every night.

7. Levi Roots will win

After that entrance? Calling it.