7 Things You Should Never Do At The Office Christmas Party

Yep, you can have a deadly night and still have your job in the morning. Just don't do any of the following...


It’s the day after the office Christmas party: Imagine waking up and finding Niall from finance lying next to you, or worse, remembering that you told your boss she’d be really hot if she lost three stone. #UltimateFear.

Yep, the office party might be one of the biggest nights of the year, known for doing and saying things you probably shouldn’t but it doesn’t have to be a train wreck of a night. Nope, just avoid these crucial office party errors, and you’ll be golden.

Don’t do any of the following:

1. Be a booze hound

Avoiding the booze is easier said than done, we know, but the more you drink the more your words will spew out like late-night word vom. We beg you, keep sipping water. You’re in it for the long haul when it comes to this kind of drinking, so stay sensible and you’ll reap the benefits as the alcohol fog clears the next day. We promise.

2. Dress too revealing

Yes, it may be a big night out, but you’re still among your colleagues and bosses so be sure to dress accordingly. Skip your usual Saturday night attire, like tight, booty-hugging dresses and five-inch heels, and err on the smarter side of smart casual.

3. Have slippery lips

Don’t tell your boss any of the following; you hate them, you love them, you want their job or that you fancy them. And don’t ask for a pay rise either. There’s a time and a place, girl.

4. Refuse the nibbles

This is a cardinal sin. Eat before you leave, and be sure to keep a steady supply of canapés headed towards your gob at all times. They’ll be your only saving grace when it comes to counteracting the effects of all that alcohol.

5. Let emotions get the better of you

Emotions are a funny thing when intoxicated. If you feel a Debbie Downer coming on, keep it to yourself. Step outside, take some deep breathes. Leave without a word if you need to, just don’t be the emotional gal, crying in the corner.

6. Wear beer googles

You’re eight glasses in and all of a sudden Harry the hipster from the cubicle across the way looks like an absolute babe. How have you never noticed how hot is before? Put the drink down now sister!

7. Call in sick the next day

So you blew it? The holy grail to saving face is to not to call in sick. Got it?