8 Of The Most Ridiculous Desperate Housewives Storylines

The entertainment value is off the charts.

Image via Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is perhaps one of the most iconic drama series to ever grace our screens.

The events that occurred on the fictional Wisteria Lane range from mildly amusing to completely insane, including tornadoes, murders, bombs, plane crashes and babies swapped at birth. Jeez.


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The dramatic series ended in 2012, though a recent resurge of clips from the show have prompted many to revisit it.

That set us on a trip down memory lane about the famous show…and yes – it is as wild as you remember!

Here’s some of the most ridiculous (and entertaining) Desperate Housewives storylines.

Swapped At Birth


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At the end of season six, we randomly discover that housewife Gaby and husband Carlos Solis’ daughter Juanita was swapped at birth.

It turns out that Juanita is actually the biological daughter of Hector and Carmen Sanchez, who are Mexican immigrants. Gaby’s real daughter is Grace, who has been raised by the Sanchez’.

The error was the result of a drunken nurse in the hospital at the time of the girls’ births.  Wild.

The situation comes to a head when Hector is arrested by Immigration services and Carmen and Grace have to go on the run, leaving both mothers to share tearful goodbyes and thank each other for taking care of their babies. An emotional rollercoaster!

Plane Crash

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In season six, a plane crashes right onto Wisteria Lane, because of course.

It happens to occur when the entire neighbourhood are out standing right on the street, enjoying a Santa’s Village Christmas set up.

Characters Karl, Jeff, Daphne, and Mona all end up dead as a result of the accident. Not a very merry Christmas.

The Body in the Freezer


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In season three, we learn that Karen (Mrs. McCluskey) has been keeping the body of her dead husband in a freezer for years.

It turns out that right before Gilbert McCluskey died, Karen discovered he’d been having an affair.

Her revenge is to keep collecting his pension checks and never report him dead. Classic.

The Tornado

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In season four, a tornado suddenly rages through Wisteria lane in dramatic fashion, leaving the entire street covered in rubble and debris.

Lynette (who’s suffering from cancer) can’t locate Tom and the kids, though they eventually show up unharmed, as Ida sacrifices herself to save them.

As if things couldn’t get any more chaotic; during the episode Carlos is almost shot by Gaby’s ex Victor, until a piece of fence from the tornado impales him.

Perfect timing!

Edie’s Death


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Brazen, troubled Edie meets a dramatic death in the fifth season of the show.

While trying to get away from her husband, who she’s just discovered is a murderer, she rushes into her car.

While swerving so as not to hit Orson, who is attempting to break into his neighbours due to a bout of kleptomania, Edie hits an electric pole and is electrocuted to death. It was totally shocking – sorry!

Betty Applewhite’s Son

In season 2 of the show (early days for such insanity), we learn that Betty Applewhite has a secret son Caleb, who she and her other son Matthew keep locked in the basement.

They do this because Betty believes that Caleb murdered a local girl, Melanie, who he had been romantically involved with.

In a shock twist, it’s uncovered that Matthew was in fact the one who killed Melanie. Matthew is then shot and killed by a police sniper while threatening to murder Bree. It’s non stop!

Murder Cover Up

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In season seven, all of the housewives are embroiled in the same nightmare when Gaby’s abusive stepfather turns up.

While he is about to attack her, Carlos sneaks up behind him and attacks him with a candlestick, accidentally killing him.

Naturally, this happens right before a dinner party that the entire street are attending at the Solis’ house.

The housewives work together to cover up the murder, saving Carlos from prison. Legendary, to be honest.

The Bomb

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In season six, Patrick Logan arrives at Wisteria Lane.

The eco-terrorist and ex boyfriend of Angie’s wants her to build him a bomb to stop people from chopping down a specific set of trees.

When Angie builds the bomb, Patrick reveals he has tricked her and hidden it in her house to punish her by killing her son. Angie runs to save her child, while Patrick watches from his car.

Then, once Angie is at a safe distance, she mouths to Patrick that she actually built the bomb inside the detonator, which Patrick realises moments before he is blown up.