8 Reasons The Voiceover Guy On Love Island Is The True Winner Of The Show

'After tonight's football performance it's nice to see someone from England scoring...'

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If, like us, you’ve been glued to Love Island for the last five weeks, you’ll be well familiar with Iain Stirling.

Okay,  you might not know his face – though he has co-presented the odd episode with Caroline Flack in the past – but you will most definitely know his voice, as he’s been the voiceover artist on every episode over the last two series.

Another day of OV…

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In a nutshell? He’s the Come Dine With Me presenter, but with a hape more innuendo and a ridey Scottish accent. Basically, he’s the best thing about the show and we refuse to hear you say otherwise.

Here are just eight of the reasons Iain will always be a Love Island winner in our hearts…

1. Everyone loves him

2. No, but seriously, EVERYONE loves him.


3. He’s the king of the one-liners:


4. He takes the p*ss out of every contestant. Which is obviously the best thing about him.


5. He’s a total dark horse
Prior to starting on Love Island, Iain had three – yes, THREE – BAFTA nominations for his presenter work on CBBC’s The Dog Ate My Homework.



6. He keeps getting mistaken for David Tennant, so God knows he needs someone to cut him a break


7. Er, he has impeccable taste in drinks:

What a lovely night. Feeling great today and ready to get on with my day! X

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8. And knows how to deal with all those morning-after hangovers:


One of THOSE days

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9. Last but not least, he’s kind of a hottie.

#beard #GONE

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Case closed.


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