9 Irish People Who Had The Absolute Craic Filling Out The Census Last Night

'When your mam tries to mark you down as Roman Catholic when you're asleep...'

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April 24th marked Census Day in Ireland, meaning millions of us sat down last night to spill on our most personal details – from where we were born to what time we leave the house for work every day.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was full of Irish folks taking the p*ss as they got to grips with the green-and-white form.

There was this lad, who said what we were all thinking about the ‘Can you speak Irish?’ question


This fella, who didn’t have a clue what was going on


This Irish dad who couldn’t resist making a few changes

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And this dad who put the frighteners on everyone


There was this woman, who knew exactly how to handle Q12


And this lad, who had other ideas


There was this guy, who got cold feet


There was this solid piece of advice for anyone in Coppers of a Sunday


And this woman, who came up with what is frankly a GENIUS idea


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