9 STELLAR Questions With Influencer Shauna Doyle

"I remember having a major fangirl moment when Mcdonalds followed me"

In 9 STELLAR questions, we put the spotlight on your favourite celebrities and influencers to get the goss on their deepest secrets, gas anecdotes, and their best hangover cures, for good measure.

This time in the hot seat, it’s influencer Shauna Doyle.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? 

Funnily enough, I actually had this conversation with my followers recently and they gave me a huge head. They said that I would be played by either Cameron Diaz, Kristen Bell or Margot Robbie so I definitely can’t complain with that haha.

I think I would agree with Cameron Diaz or Kirsten Bell as they are so witty and bubbly which is how I’d like to think of myself. I don’t think I am cool enough to have Margot Robbie play me haha!

Who’s the most famous person who follows you? 

Probably Mcdonalds haha, I remember having a major fangirl moment when Mcdonalds followed me and I think my dream person to follow me would be Zoe Sugg (I am in my Lush haul, Zoella vlogmas era since I was 14 and don’t see it changing any time soon haha)

What’s your spirit animal? 

A Jellycat smudge bunny.. obviously! If you know you know! 

Who was the last person you texted?
My Dad, Always! I always send my Dad memes,  my work issues, asking for advice, dog videos, the works!
Who are your 3 dream dinner date guests? 

Chupi Sweetman, Victoria McGrath, Zoe Sugg. 3 Incredible women in business who inspire me every day to continue to work hard, be creative and be authentic. 

What’s one thing you’re passionate about right now? 

Outfit repeating and colourful clothing, I am really trying to promote (and do it myself) buying less and buying better. Outfit re-wearing is normal and sustainable, isn’t it strange how we thought for a while it wasn’t!? Also colourful clothing all year round is essential, winter is dull enough without wearing dark clothes every day too. 

I am also really passionate about women in business/creators being taken seriously and respected in the workplace and also for our hard work to be acknowledged and admired. This is why I was SO thrilled to work with Meta on the Good Ideas Deserve to be Found Campaign because it was a campaign that supported both small businesses and creators. And how cool was it for me to get to work with THE Meta when Instagram is the platform that I have grown my hobby into my career on!? This was definitely a full-circle moment for me and one I will always remember for years to come. (and Jellycats of course, always passionate about my new addiction/collection whatever you want to call it lol)

You’re getting ready for a night out, what song are you playing? 

My collaborative playlist that I have with my followers. Everyone adds their favourite songs that make them feel like a main character.  

Who’s your ultimate celebrity crush?

If you asked me this when I was 17 I would have had a long list for you,  like all of the Disney heartthrobs like the Jonas Brothers and the rest of the crew. (with Zac Efron at the top). Being honest now, I don’t think I have any. That makes me sound very old and boring doesn’t it!