9 Thoughts We Had While Watching Making A Murderer

No spoilers - promise! Here's everything that went through our heads while watching Netflix's newest hit documentary.

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1. Wow, I’m going to need to cancel ALL my plans

Netflix were ridiculously careless with their release date. I mean REALLY, to release such a time consuming and addictive documentary series right before Christmas is just downright irresponsible. Once we started watching it inevitably, the flu, food poisoning and sick dog excuses ensued for all Christmas parties. I mean we felt bad and all,  but we claim no responsibility for our actions during those 10 back-to-back episodes.

2. Why does Ken Kratz speak like a hypnotist?

His general presence gave us the creeps from the very beginning but his voice took the creepiness to a whole other level. We felt like Kratz was trying to hypnotise us with his  slow, monotone, breathy voice but all he succeeded in doing  was giving us recurring nightmares.

3. Why weren’t Teresa’s ex boyfriend and roommate suspects?

We’ve watched enough C.S.I to know how these things work. If the Manitowoc Sheriff’s department had left the case to the experts from our favourite show, they’d look straight to Teresa’s nearest and dearest.

4. Is it weird that we’re sexually attracted to Dean Strang?

At the beginning he was just  the defence attorney with the weird glasses but as the documentary went on and he continued to fight for Stephen’s freedom, he transformed into the man of our dreams. But, just as we were planning the wedding we found out he’s apparently happily married. Devo.

5. Problem solved, we’ve now fallen in love with the grey-haired news reporter

Our heartache over Dean was short lived thanks to the silver fox news reporter. We’ve no idea who he is, but WE WANT HIM.

6. Why did Avery never take the stand?

According to our former love, Dean, it was Avery’s own choice not to take the stand for reasons he can’t reveal.

7. Okay, I’m going to quit my job and represent Steven Avery

Definitely a valid yet fleeting thought.

8. Please, please, please let there be a season 2

A little part of us died at the end of the 10th episode. There has to be a follow up for our worlds to return to normality.

9. What murder documentary will I binge on in the mean time?

It’s hard to remember how you spent your free time before Making Of A Murderer, so obviously the only way to fill it is to find copious amounts of murder documentaries to watch while you’re waiting for Making a Murderer season 2 (which seriously better be a thing…). If you’re stuck for one to watch we seriously recommend Jinx. It’ll bring out your inner forensic investigator all over again.

By Laura Somers.


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