96 Per Cent Of Irish Employees Have A Work Wife!

Are you in a work relationship?

Do you have a work bestie who you consider your office significant other? Well so do 96 per cent of Irish employees, a survey has revealed.

A ‘work wife’ is defined as a colleague of either gender who you share a platonic yet highly supportive friendship with. Some respondents to the survey, conducted by Subway, revealed that the key characteristics of a ‘work wife’ include sharing jokes or gossip (93%), giving support and advice on work matters (88%), and regular lunches (68% ).

Seemingly, our ‘work wives’ can serve as a break from our real-life relationships, with a third of workers saying that they’ve never fallen out with their ‘work wife’, compared to the five per cent who said they have never argued with their real-life partner.

The Irish typically enjoy weekly ‘dates’ with their favourite colleagues, with 94 per cent saying that they enjoy an after-work drink together, compared with 37 per cent who go on a date with their real-life partners at least once a week.

The survey reveals that 21 per cent of employees are planning on treating their ‘work wife’ this Valentines Day. Adorable!



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