A Baby Might Be On The Way For This Love Is Blind Couple

We can just see the Insta announcement now

Is it fair to assume that everyone on the planet has seen Love Is Blind now? If you weren’t gripped on the mad reality dating show a few weeks back when it first dropped, then you most definitely binged it in the last week while stuck indoors. 

The social experiment put 30 singletons into pods and forced them to speak to one another and make connections in the hope of finding ‘the one’. 

Some couples got engaged, others didn’t, some couples then went on to actually get married and again, some didn’t. 


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One couple who did make it the entire way, however, is Lauren and Cameron who arguably, were the cutest couple on the experiment. 

Since leaving the pods and getting married over a year ago (yes, it was recorded AGES ago, check out our random facts on it) the couple have moved in together, continued to dote on one another, and even set up their own YouTube channel as proof of all of that. 

Now, it seems that the two are planning on having a baby soon, like in the next year soon, and we’re so excited for them. 

Spilling the tea in a recent YouTube video, the two opened up about their plans to start a family. 

“Everyone wants me to be pregnant so bad!” Lauren said.

 “Well, I’m not pregnant! I just like baggy clothes. As for babies, we definitely want to have kids sooner rather than later. Definitely in the next year or so.”

Continuing, she also said: 

“Cameron and I’s schedule has picked up, and there’s a lot of opportunities coming up… We want to dip and dive into that.”

We can just imagine the Insta announcement now – the little babygrow accompanied by a scan and a sign reading ‘2 soon to become 3’ eek. 

Until then, we wait with bated breath.


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